1 May 2013 (Wednesday) - Busy

With no desperate need to be up early I was licked awake shortly before 7am. I wish that dog would stay in his bed. I got the laundry into the washing machine, had brekkie and then got the laundry on to the washing line.
As I pegged the stuff out I saw that the roofing felt on the shed was hanging off.

Sid arrived; with his mummy off on holiday I was on dog-sitting duty. Together with Fudge we cadged a lift to Kennington where we failed to find a geocache, then walked down across the golf course. As we walked Fudge found a golf ball. He picked it up, carried it for a few yards and then dropped it. I don't think the golfers noticed. I hope not.
We then walked on into the woods where I let both dogs off their leads. Sid stayed right next to me the entire time; Fudge ran about like a thing possessed. We came on through past Waitrose where we did find a geocache, and then walked through the park. Again I let the dogs off the leads. Again Sid didn't move from my side whilst again Fudge ran riot.

Perhaps Sid walks slowly. We didn't finish our walk until nearly mid day. I had a quick sandwich whilst i worked out the monthly household accounts. Could be better. Could be a lot worse. Mustn't grumble. And then I spent a few minutes taking coats off of the living room chairs and putting them away before running round with the hoover.

Having run round the living room with the hoover I then ran round the garden with the lawn mower. It was at this point that I realised both dogs were fast asleep so I drove round to the tip to empty the garden waste bin. It's amazing how quick the grass clippings accumulate. On the way back I popped in to see "My Boy TM"; I could remember him saying he was buying some roofing felt a week or so ago so I blagged some.
Back home again, and I used the blagged felt to mend the shed roof. As I looked down the garden from the shed roof I saw red. I had finally had enough of next door's roses and clematis overflowing the fence. So I got the electric shears and cut a swathe the length of the garden. All of his bushes are now seriously unbalanced and are leaning onto his side quite noticeably. But that's not my problem. My problem is that my garden recycling bin is now full again. I'll do another tip run in a day or so.

I got the laundry in from the line and had a quick cuppa. I had quite a list of other trivial chores I wanted to get done, but the door bell went. The Rear Admiral had arrived to collect Sid. It was gone 5pm. Where had the day gone? Wasted on domestic trivia. And I had so much else planned that needed doing. I have several homework exercises that need writing up. I have my smalls that need sorting. I need to tidy up the shed. There are several water features in the garden that need maintenance. Oh well; it's not as though I had anything else planned to do with my spare time...

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