26 April 2013 (Friday) - It Rained

Having had three days of glorious weather whilst I was working I had great plans for today. So you can imagine my reaction when I woke to torrential rain. The rain showed no signs of abating, so I settled down to laundry and dull homework. I also did the monthly accounts which didn't depress me quite as much as I thought it might.

By mid day the rain had abated somewhat so I finally got to take Furry Face for his walk. Whilst out I trued for a nearby geocache which had gone live two days ago. The watchword of geocaching is "stealth", so with Fudge noisily trying to pick a fight with every dog for miles around I gave up. We came home through Frog's Island where I left Furry Face off of his lead and he made a nuisance of himself with the nice people trying to train their dog.

As the rains started again we came home and I spent most of the afternoon ironing shirts whilst watching Babylon 5 DVDs. I left for astro club perhaps earlier than I might have done; there were a couple of geocaches on the way that weren't going to find themselves. Both were out of the ordinary; one being quite unique.
I had a shock when I pulled up at the car park in Woodchurch. Fudge was running across the field. I looked again; it was my dog. He had a very distinctive shape, and it looked just like him. Panic set in. It was only when I went across the field to him that I noticed the white patch on the dog's chest. It wasn't Fudge, but it could have been his brother. I got chatting with the dog's owner; he too had never encountered another Patagonian Tripe-Hound. His dog also had been a rescued one.

And so to astro club. With an excellent turn-out of over sixty people we had a really good talk about the Voyager missions. I learned loads; and after I hawked the raffle we had a stellarium show of the spring stars. Ironically the clouds parted just as we were going home and I drove home under a clear sky.

We then watched "Big Bang Theory" for an hour or so whilst scoffing prawn crackers. I wonder if the other Patagonian Tripe-Hound likes prawn crackers quite as much as my one seems to...

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