12 April 2013 (Friday) - Cheese and Chutney

It rained hard in the night. The rain was so loud against the window that it woke me up. I wish it wouldn't do that. It woke me up on the rare occasion that I was actually getting some sleep, and it boiled my piss that the ground was going to be very wet underfoot for walking later in the day.

In the absence of "Daddies Little Angel TM" I took Fudge round the block for a walk. As we went through the Bowens Field (very) wetlands park I noticed something in the pond. Someone's cuddly "Barney the dinosaur" had drowned. Rather sad really. And after that fatality the rest of our walk was rather dull.
And so home. Fudge took himself off to his bed and went to sleep, so I went out with a clear conscience. The O'Lata's were going on a walk and I was going with them. From Sevington to Mersham and back. It was as well Fudge didn't seem up for it - I've already hosed mud off of him twice this week.
As we started walking so the rain started and it looked rather miserable. But as we walked so the weather picked up and we had quite a good stroll. Only a short one - just over two hours, but it's all good exercise even if very muddy.

And so home. A spot of lunch, and with Fudge asleep on my lap I administered his monthly anti-flea treatment. He didn't seem too bothered about it; which was just as well. And having pretty much wasted the rest of the afternoon, once er indoors TM" was home we went round to Queen Street where the tribes were gathering for cheese and chutney.
A wonderful evening with friends. Must do it more often...

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