18 February 2013 (Thursday) - Which Direction ?

Yesterday evening me and Fudge set off to find two puzzle caches that I'd solved earlier in the day. Despite finding both of them we could open neither. Both required that I took along the print-outs that I'd used to locate the caches. I'd not printed out the vital bit that I'd needed for one, and the print quality was too faint for me to see what I needed for the other. So once home I copied a certain picture to my phone and consulted wikipedia some more. After a spot of brekkie this morning me and Fudge got a lift of off er indoors TM" (who was driving near to where we wanted to be) to try our luck again.

One cache opened easily. We felt very pleased with ourselves, did the secret geocaching ritual and went on to the other cache. If anyone is reading this blog entry in the hopes of getting a hint for this other cache.... sorry. Suffice it to say that finding the cache is easy, getting in not so. I thought that having a photo of the clue would help me. I needed to actually write down what I thought my solution to the puzzle was. I hadn't written it down.

We came home the long way. As we walked it was windy, but a lovely day. We saw blue tits in the hedgerows, a hawk was hovering not five yards over the footpath. Rabbits were in the fields, blossom was (finally) on the trees and Fudge behaved himself mostly. He even came off the lead a few times and was fine.
Once home I had a spot of cheese on crisps on toast for lunch and posted a "sulk note" on the cache's web page for the cache tat was giving me gyp. I spent an hour or so clearing thugs and ruffians out of NeverWinter and I theen had a message via Facebook. From the nice lady who had hidden the cache I was struggling with.
She said that when I next was going up to try to open the cache I might send her a message with my solution so as to save me a wasted journey if it was wrong. I thought that was a very kind gesture, and we got cyber-chatting. Whilst not angling for hints I wondered if I was on the right lines with my solution. It turned out I wasn't completely wrong, and after a bit of head scratching I sent her a solution. She sent back the thumbs up.

So at 4pm I put Fudge's lead on him and we walked the hour's walk to the cache. This time the thing opened up right away, and I was able to log my find. As I've said before caches are rated on difficulty and terrain. Both scales from one to five. The terrain on this one was 2.5, which takes a bit of effort. But the difficulty is rated at 5. I did feel very smug.
The walk home was spent exchanging cyber-messages with various people who had been watching the internet to follow my progress with this cache. On reflection it's a sign of Fudge's progress in that I can recall taking him for a walk over the summer. When my phone rang then I had to pass the lead to Steve to hold him whilst I took the call. Now he's that good that I can text whilst walking him. And whilst I was reflecting on what a good dog he was, he picked a fight with a passing vagrant.

We got home shortly after 6pm. With er indoors TM" off on a works overnight beano, me and Furry Face were left to our own devices. Fudge promptly fell asleep, and I went foraging for my tea in the general direction of the KFC. Expensive and calorie-ridden, but I thought I deserved it after the exertions of today.

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