2 April 2013 (Tuesday) - New Battery

I was rather aching this morning, but I’m not really surprised. Yesterday’s walk was rather keen.
I started the day by getting my car battery sorted. Oh that was fun. I shopped about on-line and found that eurocarparts dot com were offering a deal. And I knew that my information about this deal was correct because I had to type my car registration number into their website for it to tell me the car battery I wanted.
I compared their price with others locally, and they were far and away the cheapest. So I went round to find them.

They weren’t the easiest place to find, and once I had got in there I waited a while to get served. I explained what I wanted and was given a price thirty quid higher than what their website had quoted. I told the chap this. He rolled his eyes and called up their web site. He typed in my car registration number and sure enough a far cheaper price came up. Beneath that was the expensive battery the chap had first tried to sell me. I pointed out the cheaper one. This chap rolled his eyes again and told me that this battery wasn’t right for my car. Even though he’d typed in my registration number to get a personalised list of suitable batteries.
I didn’t actually tell him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Instead I went round to Halfords who supplied and fitted the battery for cheaper than what eurocarparts dot com wanted for just the battery.
Now I just have to re-program the car stereo. I’m sure I can figure that out somehow.

Lisa came round and once we’d got Furry Face’s lead on we took him for a walk. Lisa wanted to check out an area for a possible series of geocaches, and Fudge always needs a walk. We had a good stroll… up until three quarters of the way round when we were in the middle of a huge field. Like a twit I thought I could trust Fudge off of the lead. He was fine for a while, then trotted off towards the edge of the field. He wouldn’t come back when called, so I went after him, only to see him charge through a fence chasing a duck. The duck escaped and he then started playing in a stream five yards on the other side of a fence blatantly ignoring me. After five minutes I lost patience and scrambled over the fence to get him back. I caught him easily enough: it was only a shame I ripped my trousers on barbed wire whilst getting him.
And then we wandered round Brabourne for a bit doing some geocache maintenance. Another good place to be.

And so home where I did the monthly accounts. They had been looking reasonably healthy until I forked out for a new car battery. Still, what is money for if not to squander foolishly.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered. Tonight was more like a geocaching event cache that anything else - there must have been a dozen trackables being passed round and being discovered. Tonigt's episode of Merlin was good.
And as everyone went I I had to squander more money foolishly - my phone was acting up - the microSD card has died. It was at least three years old. I wonder if I have all the stuff that was on it backed up anywhere?

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