23 April 2013 (Tuesday) - Dull

Despite a late night I was still awake at 4.30am. I think I had about four hours sleep last night. I had a crafty bowl of frootie-bix for brekkie and watched an episode Babylon-5 with Fudge, and then set off off to work. The news got me going, as always.
Many years ago I can remember grumbling about why we learned history at school. After all, it's all dead and buried. But, as I was told at the time, if we don't learn from the mistakes of the past we will be doomed to repeat them in the future.
I've blogged before that I think Scottish independence is a bad idea; personally I think union is a good thing. Take the European Union for example. If we are all one big happy family then despite the odd squabble we won't waste years warring with each other (again). But if one lesson has been learned from the enitire Euro-zone concept, it is that having a common currency across twenty-odd countries means the most powerful ones give the orders, and the smaller ones do as they are told. When they are told. And say "Yes Sir!" whilst they are at it. So why does a potentially independent Scotland not want it's own currency, but would prefer to keep the pound? I thought the pro-independence nutters wanted to go their own way?

And so to work. I wasn't feeling particularly motivated today. I did my bit, but no more. And so home again.

For the third consecutive Tuesday I missed the weekly gathering. Not finishing work until 8pm made a timely arrival in Folkestone somewhat tricky.
As I came home the pundits on the radio were expounding on a crackpot theory that international corporations perpetrate tax avoidance schemes to their benefit and to the detriment of their host countries. Half an hour of pointing out the obvious was rather tedious.

And in closing, today is St George's day. I don't think anyone noticed the fact.

Dull, so dull...

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  1. St George's day.
    Flew a George and dragon kite, eat fish and chips while dinking English ale.

    I noticed.