15 April 2013 (Monday) - This n That

With no bread for my morning toast I popped over the road to the local shop to get some. Not only was it thirty pence more expensive than Tesco, their stuff wasn't at all fresh - verging almost onto being stale. And people wonder why the general public prefer supermarkets over smaller establishments.
But even stale bread can make good toast. Or it could given a good toaster. I think ours is on the way out. It has two settings. One slightly warms the bread, the other incinerates it.

I took Fudge for his morning constitutional. Last Thursday I'd taken him down to Park Farm to look for a recently hidden geocache. After half an hour's searching last week I'd given up. Today, after a silly episode in which I nearly fell in the river, I found the cache almost immediately. We then carried on with our walk. We found a discarded supermarket trolley about half a mile from Tesco's. Whoever had dumped it had carried it over a fence and across several hundred yards of field to leave it where it was. Whatever possesses people to do that? We carried on through Park Farm to a new estate that "Daddies Little Angel TM" has dubbed "Legoland". She's not wrong in her description. The estate is on it's own with nothing around it, and the houses (in all honesty) look as though they are made of Lego.

As we walked by the river I remembered Fudge's swimming episode of the other week, but nevertheless I let him off the lead. He made a bee-line to the river and I heard a plop. And another plop. The frogs seemed to be bothering him.
We eventually made our way home past "Pets at Home" where I popped in and asked about whether or not Furry Face should be having milk. Opinion was vague. She wouldn't advise it because some dogs are lactose intolerant and it might give them the two bob bits. I explained that he's been having it for some time and all has been fine. Their reply was non-committal. I've since done an Internet search and it seems that the best way to find out if your dog is lactose intolerant is to give him some and see if he gets the squits. I've done that experiment already.
I shall carry on giving him a small bowl of milk in the morning. The milky goodness is good for him, and I like to see him drink anything which isn't murky muddy water.

And so home. Finally with some fine weather I got into the garden and hung out Fudge's bedding which had been washing whilst we were walking. More laundry went into the washing machine whilst I mowed the lawn and mucked out the pond's fish poo filter. The pond has been reactivated after its winter sleep; a month later than it was last year. I also turned on all the water features to give them a run through. Fudge had quite a bit to say about my large fountain. I can't believe I've not used it to wind him up before.

More laundry onto the line, more laundry into the washing machine, and after a quick spot of lunch I went to the hospital to visit. There was someone with a kidney infection who needed cheering up. There was a minor mishap when I realised I'd left her get well card in the car, but she seemed in good spirits, if in a bit of pain. I stayed for a couple of hours, but really had to come home. Dull domestic chores don't finish themselves, you know. I eventually finished dull domestic trivia shortly after 6pm. Amazing how long it takes to just fiddle about.

Steve and Sarah called round to collect the barrel of mild for the weekend. I was rather pleased with how last week's mild turned out. I have high hopes for this next batch...

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