13 April 2013 (Saturday) - Raining

Bearing in mind the amount of cheese, chutney and mild I scoffed last night, my guts weren't in too bad a state this morning. Which was probably as well for the universe and its denizens. Specifically those who inhabited the bit of it in my general vicinity today.
I emerged from my pit shortly before 6.30am this morning and having checked on cyber-space I set off to work a little earlier than I might have done. I don't mind working at weekends, but everyone else would be up to mischief, so I thought I'd get up to just a little myself. Earlier in the week I'd not gone for the two geocaches that had recently gone live on the Canterbury road. Today I went for them. One was in a really scenic place - just by the riverside. A really pretty river view that I drive within fifty yards of on my way to work, and I had no idea that it was there.
Having nearly fallen in the river before finding the cache I enjoyed the view for a couple of minutes before moving on to find the next cache which was rather dull in comparison.

As I drove, as always, I listened to the news. Today's made me think. What do we actually know of the world around us other than what we are told by others? The news commentators were reporting a story about Madonna who is currently doing various good works in Malawi
Apparently some of the locals don't like her, and have slated her efforts. The pundits on the radio were also very disparaging about her, and contrasting her efforts with Angela Jolie who was being held up as some sort of role model, as was (interestingly) Bono. This surprised me as I'd always been led to believe that Bono was a bit of a twit. But on reflection this belief was based entirely on what I've read about the bloke by people who obviously had axes to grind. It turns out that the chap is actually quite knowledgeable.
I really shouldn't believe all that I read.

And so to work where I did my bit. I did look out of the window at the glorious day outside several times this morning. But as the day wore on the bright morning gave way to an overcast and wet afternoon. And I spent much of the evening listening to the rain hammering of the windows and being glad that i was at work for such awful weather.
The original plan for the day did have me going for a weekend in Brighton - unfortunately this was put on hold when I realised that I'd forgotten that I was rota-ed to work. It turns out that all was for the best. The rain was torrential down in Sussex.

And whilst at work I got an email through my work account. An old mucker had got in touch - someone I've not heard from in over twenty years. He was an usher at my wedding. He seems well. Must organise a meet-up...

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