1 April 2013 (Easter Monday) - A Wonderful Walk

We had a shock when we went to the er indoors TM"-mobile this morning. Overnight some git had got into he car and ransacked it. Absolutely every single thing had been turned over, even the fuse box opened in case there was something worth having in there. Not much had been taken - the loose change was gone, and so were our walking sticks. Mine was nothing special - it cost me £3.50. But "Er" walking stick was special. It was a one-of-a-kind hand made one.

I shall find a piccie of it and circulate it. And if we find it we shall speak nicely (!) to whoever has it. We didn't call the police. The police have made it crystal clear in the past that they had no interest in investigating car break-ins. Which is probably exactly what is wrong with today's society.

But despite this unfortunate incident we decided to carry on with our day's plans. It was a shame that today's walk had had such a high drop out rate. Originally hoping for double figured attendance we ended up with three of us (and two small dogs). But we had a good walk. Parking at a country park near Lullingstone Roman Villa we walked up hill and down dale. Through woods and alongside rivers. As we went we saw buzzards and foxes, llamas and pigs, sheep and donkeys. I'm not sure of the exact distance covered, but we started walking at 10am and got back to the car at 7pm. And as always there are photos of our day on-line.
As we walked we picked up the occasional geocache. I think we found thirty-seven of the things as we went. The idea was to follow the "Wonderful Walk" series, but as we went we got sidetracked with other caches here and there. We definitely need to go back to the area - it's really scenic and there's lots more caches still to be found in the area.

And so home. Once I'd hosed the fox poo off of Fudge the poor dog scrambled on to my lap and was asleep within seconds. He was worn out. I was a tad tired too. and I'd caught the sun.
It was gone 9pm before we sat down to tea. Despite a shaky start it had been a good day... I shall ache tomorrow.

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