8 April 2013 (Monday) - Bit Dull

I was woken by a loud thump at about 3am. I assumed it was Fudge jumping the dog-proofing on the kitchen gate, and so I expected to feel him jump on the bed after a few seconds. He does that sometimes. But not this time. I pondered on what the noise might had been, but it the absence of any more racket I carried on dozing fitfully. When I went downstairs at 5.30am Furry Face was curled up in his basket (where he was supposed to be). I wonder what that crashing had been earlier .
And so another early start saw me scoffing my frooty-bix cereal and Fudge lapping up his bowl of milk before 6am. I got my morning's fix of Babylon 5 and I set off to work.

For once the morning's news was unremarkable. There were ructions about the Prime Minister's proposed tour around Europe; apparently the rest of the European Heads of State are seeing it as little more than a political publicity stunt. As if any politician's activities have ever have been anything else. There was concern about changes to the welfare benefits; those that need the benefits don't get them. Those that don't need it do get them. Same as it ever was, unfortunately. And apparently some dead South American author is to be exhumed after thirty years to see if he really died of natural causes or to see if he was poisoned.
All rather dull. For once my piss remained at ambient temperature.

Two new geocaches had gone live (almost) along my way to work. I could have stopped off and had a hunt for them. But I hadn't allowed myself enough time. I'll save them for later.
And so to work where I did my bit. I can't really complain. It's no secret that I would like to change what I do for a living. It's also no secret that after eighteen months of active job hunting I've got nowhere. So I shall stick with what I know.

The morning's news was unremarkable - the evening's not so. Margaret Thatcher had died during those intervening few hours. I can remember when she came to power. The country was in a terrible state. She sorted things out. She was a force to be reckoned with. Love her or loathe her; people respected her... at the start. After eleven years of her it all wore rather thin.
History will probably quote her as an example of why Americans only let their presidents serve for two terms...

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