25 April 2013 (Thursday) - That n This

I was awoken by a little thud this morning. I think a certain small dog had mis-judged his attempt to jump on to the bed at 6.30am. Once he was eventually on the bed I wound him up by looking at him and then pretending to go back to sleep. I succeeded in aggravating him so much that his whining woke er indoors TM". I really shouldn't encourage Furry Face to come upstairs.

For want of anything better to do I checked the phone's 1571 message thingy. I wish people wouldn't leave messages on it; I rarely (if ever) check it. There was a message on it left by a health visitor some three days ago. I can only assume she had a wrong number as neither of us had any idea of what the message was about, despite her detailed witterings about who she wanted to visit and their apparent maladies and treatments.
So much for medical confidentiality. Perhaps I should have made an issue of it rather than just deleting the message; after all some people have been sacked for lesser mistakes (!)

And so to work. I'd left rather earlier than I needed to; but being on a late shift meant that (if I was quick) I'd have time to pop into the cheapo bargains shop. That was the plan...
I found traffic was queued for two miles out of Canterbury because of road works. Far from having time to go shopping, I was ten minutes late for work. I shall have to eke out my supply of armpit-squirt until I can get to Wilkos.

I did my bit at work and came home. On the corner of our street is a bench where various vagrants often congregate. This evening once I'd parked, as I walked home I was greeted by one of these. He was an ex-cub scout who was having a crafty tinny. I got chatting - I distinctly remember this chap when he was a cub fifteen years ago. His family had never had any luck back then, with a brother having died as a child, and his mother dying whilst he was young. His luck hadn't changed. I had heard he'd moved up north. He told me that he had; but it hadn't worked out. He was visiting Ashford trying to arrange visiting rights to his child. Apparently his ex- was being difficult about custody. He was enjoying a quick drink before taking a train to London where he was staying with a relative for a few days. He was vague about his plans after this sojourn would be over.
Sometimes I get so wrapped up with my own trivial problems that I forget that I am doing rather well compared with so many others.

Being on a 10pm finish meant that I couldn't get to see Maria for her birthday bash, nor could I get to the astro club committee meeting this evening; which was a a pain. We've not had a committee meeting for a few months, and it would have been good to have got along. Being the Treasurer I have a couple of cheques that need signing, and it's easier to collar other signatories at a committee meeting than anywhere else. It would also have been good to have had a chat. I sometimes wonder about the club's future direction. On the one hand it would be good to expand our remit; involve the membership more, put on observing evenings, organise imaging workshops. On the other hand we've tried expanding what the club does before, and had a minimal take-up. The punters seem to be happy with what we are doing.
I'm gripped by indecision. On the one hand the club might be doing more. On the other hand I have absolutely no interest in shivering whilst looking through a telescope at midnight.

Something else which needs a little thought is Canterbury beer festival, which is only three months away. It's been suggested that we go along mob-handed on the Friday afternoon like we have before. I've checked my shift pattern and I'm not working that day. But... getting there (train & taxi) is a tenner. Beer is (at least) twenty quid. A portion of goat curry and some flavoured olives is another tenner. And then there is a tombola to win and souvenirs to buy.
So that's fifty quid to be packed like sardines into a cowshed with the weirdie-beardies who frequent beer festivals.

I've been told that I brew a half-decent pint. Maybe I could rally the troops and we could put on a festival of our own. For far less that what someone would spend on a day at Canterbury beer festival, anyone could buy the barrel, bucket and ingredients for five gallons of ale. If I could get half a dozen takers we could do a beer festival of our own. I shall put out some feelers; the weekend of Canterbury beer festival would be a good time to stage such an event. If we go for that weekend people will need to get brewing within the month...

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