17 April 2013 (Wednesday) - Solving Puzzles

What with not getting home till gone 10.30pm and having a rather late tea and one thing and another it was gone 1.30am before I went off to my pit last night. So it's not really surprising that I didn't emerge until 8am this morning.
I was half expecting "Daddies Little Angel TM" and Sid to visit today, but she was working. So Fudge and I went off for a walk on our own. Past the International train station, almost as far as Arden Drive, then round to Henwood, the Willesborough railway crossing, Frog's Island and home past Asda. Two hours exercise can't be bad.
Fudge was allowed off his lead at three different stages of the walk and he was as good as gold; coming back when called every time. Even when he saw a rabbit and gave chase he only chased for a little while before coming back.

We came home to find "My Boy TM" at home, and exchanged some insults before he set off on his way. I put washing on the line and then after a crafty spot of lunch I spent a couple of hours doing dull homework.
And then I spent a frustrating couple of hours solving two relatively local puzzle caches. Eventually I had their locations - all that remained was for me to go and to the secret geocaching thing with them.

With er indoors TM" off to a conglomeration of candlemongers this evening, me and Fudge were at a loose end. So we set off to find those two puzzle caches that I'd solved earlier. We found both. We could open neither.
Both required that I took along the print-outs that I'd used to locate the caches. I'd not printed out the vital bit that I'd needed for one, and the print quality was too faint for me to see what I needed for the other. And it was getting dark.
So once home I copied a certain picture to my phone and consulted wikipedia some more. I might just go back to those caches tomorrow. I wonder if Furry Face would like another walk. As I type this the poor dog is snoring. I think he's had walkies overload...

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