19 April 2013 (Friday) - Rolf?

With my beloved off on a jolly, Furry Face spent all night at the bottom of the bed. I wonder how he got there? Perhaps I forgot to secure the dog-proofing in the kitchen last night? Astute readers might notice that I said "spent all night" and not "slept" - he was rather restless and did fidget a few times. Fudge woke me shortly after 5am by having a woofing fit. I wonder what it was that upset him.
I got up to see what the problem was, and he seemed very keen to get into the back garden where he went straight to the pond and watched over it in much the same way that a hawk would study small mice.
Since I turned the pond pump back on a week or so ago he's been fascinated by the Koi. I let him watch them for as long as it took me to shave, then (strangely for him) he came back in of his own accord.

I watched another episode of Babylon 5 over a bowl of frootie-bix and then set off to work. There was little of note on the radio as I drove. That most volatile of bodily fluids didn't even simmer (for once).
I got to work and did my bit. And whilst listening to the radio on my way home I heard something which did set my piss bubbling.
Rolf Harris was a kiddie fiddler? Was he? Wasn't he? Not Rolf Harris!

Personally I can't help but wonder whether he's been accused on the strength of actual evidence against him, or because he is a public figure and has been a children's entertainer. It seems the "in thing" at the moment to accuse anyone who's ever been on the same planet as a child of having been a kiddie fiddler.
I feel rather strongly about this - as an ex cub scout leader I am sure that it is only a matter of time until some opportunistic ex cub realises they can make a name for themselves in the local press by bandying baseless allegations against me.

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