6 April 2013 (Saturday) - Folkestone Harbour

I spent a rather frustrating five minutes this morning trying to find the remote controller for the DVD machine. It eventually came to light (literally) after I extricated it from inside the sofa. Every household gadget these days has a remote control without which you can't operate them. Which is fine until *someone* shoves them inside the sofa. I have my suspicions who the guilty party might be...

The original plan for the day had me going off to Chatham's historic dockyards. However last weekend's mishaps effectively put paid to going Chatham-wards; having spent all the Chatham budget on a new car battery and phone memory card.
Instead we went round to see "My Boy TM" who was having new lights fitted in the hallway, courtesy of Hosey-Tek. The ground floor lights were good, but the ones for upstairs needed bulbs so I went round to B&Q with the first fruit of my loin to get batteries. And then on to Asda for the makings of lunch.
Whilst in Asda we had a phone call. We didn't need the light bulbs as the light fitting was knacked and had to go back to the shop. So we returned the light bulbs to B&Q. The nice lady in the shop said they operated a refund policy for anything brought back within forty five days. We'd had the light bulbs for about forty five minutes.
Back to base, a quick sausage baguette, and then we went to Folkestone for a walk about. Meeting "Daddies Little Angel TM" and Sid by the harbour we wandered up to the coastal park for a mooch, then back to the harbour for cockles and a stroll on the beach before going back to see Jose. We had a go on his 3-D TV. Very nice.

And so home. With er indoors TM" off out flogging candles, me and Fudge were left to our own devices. The dog seems to have perked up since yesterday, but he still smells odd. I think he's been eating Parma Violets. I wonder if he can smell it too. Perhaps the odd smell is the reason why he rolled in fox poo then jumped in the river during our walk this evening. Rolling in fox poo is something I've come to expect from Fudge, but jumping in the river is new.
There is a stretch of land we regularly walk along. Fenced on one side; river on the other. He regularly runs along this path off of the lead because he can't get through the fence and the river has always acted as a barrier to him and he has never, ever, swum.
Tonight we found out he can swim.

For no reason at all he leapt into the river, swam straight across, climbed up the other side and charged off into the wild blue yonder. A few minutes before this episode we had been doing whistle training so (in panic and desperation) I blew the whistle. It worked. He stopped dead, turned round and charged back to me. However when he reached the river he pulled an emergency stop and looked at me. I could see the amazement and confusion on his face. Where had all that water come from? He then ran up and down the river bank in panic. Somehow I got his attention and ran myself. He followed, and once at a bridge we were re-united. If ever a dog looked relieved it was Furry Face.
I didn't need to put him back on the lead - he stayed by my side from then on.

And so home. Bath time for both of us, and as I type this blog entry the dog snores are louder than the television...
In closing I would point out to any geocachers who might be reading that there might just be a new puzzle cache going live locally. "Maelstrom #3" shouldn't be that difficult...

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