22 April 2013 (Monday) - Rippers Cross

Once brekkied I got the laundry on the washing line and then me and Furry Face begged a lift from er indoors TM" to her work from where we went on a little stroll. Up through Kennington to Sandyhurst Lane. Down and across the A20 as far as Rippers Cross, then home via Great Chart and Viccy Park. To those that don't know the area we were walking for nearly four hours and covered about twelve miles. Whilst we were going I found two geocaches, and Fudge scoffed sheep poo and horse poo. Both us us were doubly successful at our chosen hobbies.

Once home we had a quick spot of lunch, then I lowed the lawn. I'm not sure the strimmer has survived the experience. I'm hoping it's salvageable. We then went round to Pets at Home - I'd had a text to say that Fudge's flea treatment was ready. They told me they were doing a special offer on microchipping dogs. I thought he's already been chipped; his records said not. To prove a point they scanned him and found a microchip. They gave me the reference number and a phone number which I phoned with a view to updating the records. Apparently the number they scanned out of him was missing a country code, and they suggested I got him re-scanned. I'll get that done later in the week.

I then spent an hour and a half solving a (relatively) local puzzle cache. And having come up with a solution it turned out that my answer wasn't a million miles from what Lisa had worked out. So with neither of us having anything better to do we then spent another hour and a half finding that we were both wrong.

Laundry off of the line; undercrackers washed, dog fed... and with er indoors TM" off bowling I watched a film I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box. "East is East" was entertaining enough; even if I did struggle to hear it over a snoring dog....

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