30 July 2010 (Wednesday) - Dull, so Dull....

As I parked my car at work today I was amazed to see a funfair setting up at the top of the staff car park. Apparently this is one of the attractions for this weekend’s “fun day”. A stroke of genius. The staff car park is a little bit off of the beaten track, but now having it outside the fun fair will advertise where it is, and so I confidently predict that no member of staff will be able to park there ever again, as it will be full of patient and visitor cars who will feel they can park there for free.

And home to tragedy. Last week “Daddies Little Angel TMbrought home a dead crab. “Mr Crabs” is now rather ripe, and so we have had to say goodbye to “Eugene”.

The last Wednesday of the month – arky-ologee club. I’ve mentioned before that we have a Riddler who comes to the club. This month “Mossop” invited us to a church in the back of beyond. We spend a rather dull half an hour looking round this church. And then we went outside where she had dug a hole on a thicket (for no adequately explained reason) and where she claimed she had discovered a medieval pond. I remained unconvinced, but we had a nice walk round the woods afterwards….

1 comment:

  1. Were there medieval (or mid evil as they say over here) fish in the pond?
    Were there any medieval gnomes fishing at said pond?
    You could have pointed out this lack of evidence (if there were none) at the scene. Her reply would have been interesting I think.