16 July 2019 (Tuesday) - Fixing The Fence

I was woken shortly after two o’clock by "er indoors TM" telling Fudge to be quiet. I couldn’t hear him, but when I listened closely there was the tiniest of whimpering. Since I was awake I went to the loo. Fudge ran after me – he wanted a tiddle too.

Over a bowl of granola I watched an episode of “Good Girls” then resisted the temptation to look at the Internet. Instead I went to B&Q as I needed some planking to fix the fence between our house and not-so-nice-next-door. At the weekend I’d heard Fudge barking in the garden. I went out but couldn’t see him anywhere. I could hear him though. I called him, and he burst through the fence (like a tank) in a manner of which Oliver Hardy would have been proud. I temporarily blocked the hole, but it needed a more permanent fix.
I found the planking I needed. It was the right width, but far too long. I asked the nice man in B&Q if he might cut it for me. He couldn’t. The plank was too narrow for the shop’s electric saw. The nice man showed me why it was too small. Sure enough it was; it didn’t fit on the saw’s shelf-thingy without wobbling all over the place. However probably about ninety per cent of the wood in B&Q would be too narrow for that saw. I pointed this out to the nice man who admitted that this was the case.
The electric saw in B&Q is a huge thing; it must have cost thousands of pounds. Why didn’t they get one that would be able to cut the wood they sell?

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about how President Trump is unrepentant in his racist attacks. I suspect that being politically incorrect and insulting minorities is probably a vote-winner, and he knows it.
There was also talk about how having spent years breaking up the national railways into autonomous companies, the government’s advisors now feel that a national railway policy might be a good idea…

Despite the traffic lights at Brookfield being broken I got to work where I had a rather good day. And then I came home again.
As I parked up, not-so-nice-next-door parked her car behind me. I’ve mentioned before that her piano playing is abysmal, but it is perfection compared to her driving. She actually came alongside my car *on the pavement* in her attempts to position her car at the edge of the road behind my car. I honestly don’t think she’s passed her driving test; her driving is *that* bad.

"er indoors TM" took the hounds out whilst I got out a saw and carved up my plank. In a novel break with tradition I used a spirit level to put the planks across the hole, but the wood was a tad thick for my electric screwdriver. I’ve bodged the hole closed; that will do. If not-so-nice-next-door had a problem with it, she can tell me. But bearing in mind she doesn’t speak to us, that’s not likely to happen.

I wonder what’s for dinner?

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