6 May 2019 (Monday) - Family Barby

Finding myself wide awake at three o’clock I thought I might watch the new episode of “Game of Thrones” before all the spoilers came out. Mind you what with the current season being rather disappointing (and last week’s all-time low) my hopes weren’t high. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was rather good, but I did miss the Starbucks cup. Apparently if you pay close attention there is a Starbucks cup on one of the tables,
I then went back to bed until Pogo and Treacle jumped on me at eight o’clock.

I peered into the Internet as I scoffed toast. I was glad I’d got up earlier – I saw “Game of Thrones” spoilers within minutes of turning the lap-top on.
I soon found myself thinking about something that a colleague posted yesterday. A few of us had made some joking comments, but… Basically there was a job advertised on Facebook. A single thirty-nine year-old man living in Dubai was looking to employ a nanny to look after his children. He was looking for “an open-minded nanny who is open to having fun on the side”. The job description actually said that “intimacy is expected”. The job paid four thousand pounds per month. I found myself wondering whether this bloke wanted to pork the nanny, or whether he wanted a prostitute who would look after his kids in between porking sessions. Either way it was rather dubious. And again it shows Facebook’s community standards for the joke that they are. But for four thousand quid a month I suspect he won’t be short of applicants.
I had a look at my emails. Yesterday I’d seen that a colleague was doing a charity run. I donated a tenner. The confirmatory email that came this morning told me I’d donated eleven pounds sixty-eight pence. What was that all about?

"Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" and his grandmother soon emerged from their pits. Littlun spent a few minutes hunting for woodlice in the garden before any attempt was made to force some brekkie into him. Eventually he conceded defeat and (under protest) ate half a bag of Pom-Bears before using various books to look up the details of the various bugs he’d caught in the garden.

We took the dogs for a walk round the park. It didn’t really work. "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" wanted to go in the playpark where dogs aren’t allowed. He went in there, and the moment the dogs were off the lead they went in there too. I managed to drag them out, and I dragged them round the park, but they weren’t happy, and clearly wanted to go back to the playpark.

We all came home and got organised for the afternoon. I got out the event shelter and the barby and all the chairs. It wasn’t long before the tribe were gathered and we had quite a good family barbecue. Today we had a rather small gathering. Just my side of the tribe. but that made for over a dozen of us. As time goes by we all have gone our own ways, but it was good to get together for an afternoon in the garden today. It could have been warmer, but we had a good time nonetheless. I took a few photos, we really should do this more often.  

Amazingly I stayed awake for the clear-up. When did that last happen for any sort of party at our house?

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