25 May 2019 (Saturday) - Late Shift

I was sleeping like a log when I was woken by the sound of new-next-door’s dogs screaming. Presumably new-next-door had gone to work? The noise wasn’t loud but I was worried that it might set our dogs off. Our dogs slept through it, but I lay awake waiting for our dogs to kick off.
They didn’t.
They were far more upset when "er indoors TM" went to move her car shortly before eight o’clock. When I go out they don’t bat an eyelid. Usually they just carry on snoring. But they are devastated when "er indoors TM" leaves the room for a few seconds.

I saw a new cache had gone live nearby. There was a puzzle to be solved to get the location. An on-line jigsaw puzzle. I *really* dislike these. I once tried to set such a puzzle. The local geo-feds said it was against the rules. I complained to geo-HQ in Seattle who also said it was against the rules. Strictly speaking these on-line jigsaw puzzles were against the rules back in the day, and in the meantime the rules have not changed (I had a look this morning). However since that little spat, hundreds of these types of puzzles have gone live. Perhaps it is just me who’s not allowed to use on-line jigsaw puzzles?

I solved the puzzle, got the location, and saw that the local FTF fiend had already been there and found the co-ordinates were about thirty metres out…
With "er indoors TM" off to Margate to visit "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" I was at a loose end, so I thought I might take the dogs out to see if we could find this new geocache. We did the sums – it was over towards Singleton. We used to walk round the lake all the time. It was such a good place for a dog walk. We got there… The place *stank* of “funny cigarettes”. We met several other dog walkers. I smiled and said hello to all of them. Most rudely blanked me. One little weasel didn’t. He proudly boasted of how his dog would bite my dogs. I told him in his own language (interspersing every word I uttered with the F-word so that he might understand) that it would only bite one of my three dogs. With a rather cocky expression he asked why. I explained that if the other two didn’t then immediately attack his dog, I would. It was at this point that Pogo started barking.
He’d clearly never been spoken to like this before. He picked up his little rat of a dog, and hurried off as quickly as he could, shouting profanities as he went.

I followed my sat-nav until it said I was about thirty metres away from the new geocache. Using the hint given I immediately spotted where I would have hidden the thing. We found it perhaps twenty-five metres from where the GPS would have had us look. I sent a message to the person who’d hidden it.

We came home. As the washing machine chewed more laundry I did more geo-jigsaws, then got ready for work. With the dogs all snoring I quietly escaped and drove to the co-op to get a sandwich. From there I drove to work. Being at Maidstone today was something of a relief. Much as I like the variety of a change of workplace from time to time, the journey to Pembury isn't always an easy one. It was good just to drive twenty-odd miles straight up the motorway today rather than negotiating the twisting country lanes through all the "-hursts" (Goud- and Sissing- to name but two).
Mind you I would *far* rather drive to Pembury *every day* rather than drive to where I used to go...

I got to work; I went to the canteen where the normal people had also decided to have some lunch. Oh, it was painful. The nice lady serving had various other things to do, so we waited patiently for her for about five to ten minutes. Most people would use this time wisely by looking to see what was for dinner and deciding what to have.
Not the idiot in front of me.
The nice lady finished her chores and came and asked him what he wanted. He asked what she had. She did a double-take, then pointed out all the food spread out and said "this lot". Idiot then did a double-take; acting (for all the world) as though he'd never seen any of it before. He then had to be talked through everything that was on offer before finally deciding on the first thing he'd been offered.
And then (as my blood pressure went through the roof) his equally idiotic associate went through the entire performance again. He too had been seemingly oblivious to both all the food on display and his mate having been talked through it​.
When I finally got to scoff my macaroni cheese I saw the first idiot was again causing problems for the nice serving lady. Having totally failed to put the coffee powder into his cup he was whinging that he wanted coffee but only got a cup of hot water.

The nice lady was far more patient with him than I would have been.

I then got on with the late shift which was far better than some I’ve had recently… I wonder if my day will be filled with idiots tomorrow…

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