6 April 2017 (Thursday) - Puzzled

My elbow was hurting when I woke this morning. It does that more and more these days. After I’d watched this morning’s instalment of “BattleStar Galactica” I had a look-see on-line. Several friends were posting to Facebook from the week-long kite festival at Berck-sur-mer in France. In years gone by a day trip to Berck was one of the annual fixtures. It is a long way to go, but I quite miss it. Could we go this weekend? Possibly. Will we… I doubt it, but it would be fun.
Other people were using the Internet to go out of their way to pick fights with people they’ve never met about who loves their favourite football club the most. There seemed to be no pleasure in that one. I’d rather fly a kite than argue football.
With no emails of note I set off to work.

As I drove to work the radio spewed its usual drivel. Apparently the public are being asked to help English Heritage in monitoring the spread of the clothes moth. It turns out that the clothes moth is a cheeky little lepidopteran which scoffs the kind of stuff that English Heritage thrive on. The bigwigs at English Heritage have a theory that moth numbers are on the increase what with global warming and farmers not dowsing huge swathes of the country with DDT and other dangerous pesticides any more. The public are being asked to collect free moth traps and monitor moths across the country.
It might make an interesting pastime for the perennially bored.

Regular readers of this drivel may recall how (a couple of years ago) I took up the saxophone. Apparently the huge saxophone shop in Crowborough has had a break-in. Thirty saxophones worth over seventy thousand pounds have been stolen. It would seem this was a planned robbery; but what on Earth are the thieves going to do with the saxophones? They are something of a specialist item. Or is there a black market for saxophones?

I got to work early (again) and had a rather busy day, and was again late getting out. I came home to an empty house; "er indoors TM" had taken the dogs for their evening constitutional. So whilst they went round the park I struggled with a geo-puzzle. If any of my loyal readers can make anything out of the picture above….
(Today was rather dull as well)

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