1 April 2017 (Saturday) - Dog Reunion

Yesterday a friend of mine made cryptic comments about how all the ranting would now start. Over brekkie I discovered that she was referring to how the BBC have decided that one of the characters in the next series of Doctor Who will be gay.
I have no issue whatsoever with anyone’s sexuality. However I do have reservations about just how loud, vocal and in-your-face the gay activist movement can be. If people are happy with their partners, then that is fine. There are three gay couples in my family that immediately come to mind. Two pairs are happy and laid back about it, and there are never any issues. The third however are so forceful in shouting that they are married and that they are in love and asking (in a seemingly threatening manner) if anyone has any problems that it rather frightens me. I suspect that this might be the mind-set behind the creation of this character in Doctor Who. Have the ratings for this show *really* fallen so far that they need to drag out the controversial lesbian? After all, in the first fifty years of the show was anyone trying to pork anyone else?

We got the dogs into the car and, collected "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" and drove up to the Warren. There we met "My Boy TM" and his posse, and several other people who were the owners of Treacle’s brothers and sisters and mum. About a dozen assorted humans took about a dozen assorted small dogs for a walk round the Warren. We had a good stroll; we scared the normal people who were doing their exercises and we played silly beggars on a rope swing we found. We did one of these walks a couple of months ago; must do another soon – if only so’s I can make another video of it.

Once back to the cars we said our goodbyes to the owners of the other dogs, and we took our dogs home where they soon settled. Our tribe then went round to the American diner. We’ve been there before and found the service to be *so* slow. But today they seemed to be on the case. I made something of a pig of myself. Peanut butter milk shake, Louisiana chili cheese burger and caramel ice cream sundae. Suitably stuffed we then had a little look around Bybrook Barn garden centre. "My Boy TM" came out with something of a bargain. An acer (twenty four quid), two sacks of gravel (twelve quid) and a tub of fish food (twelve quid) cost him thirty four quid.
We weren’t going to argue.

We all then went our separate ways; I came home and I mowed the lawn. It took some mowing. I then trimmed back overhanging roses. As I pootled, “nice next door” (as opposed to “nutty next door”) were in the back garden. They obviously had the family round to a little get-together. I mentioned this to "er indoors TM" before falling asleep on the sofa for an hour or so.
I spent much of the rest of the day on the sofa; I wasn’t feeling too good. I wonder if I’ve had too much sun over the last few days?

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