1 March 2017 (Wednesday) - Stuff

Despite having been banned from the bed, the puppy still woke me three times last night. When I turfed her out for the last time I realised I might as well get up at that point.
I had intended to watch more of the SS-GB series over brekkie but the third episode wasn’t ready to be downloaded. It hasn’t been broadcast yet. So instead I made do with “You Rang M’Lord” (now that the DVD player has been rebooted). As I watched it, my dog snored in his basket. He’s not come upstairs at night for some time. He comes up when I get dressed, but I think he’s realised that with the puppy being so restless he gets a better sleep I his own basket.

I sparked up my lap-top; absolutely nothing of note had happened on Facebook. One or two people were pretending to be Welsh in honour of today being St David’s day.
That winds me up. We live in Kent. You can’t get further away from Wales and stay on the same island. If people are really Welsh why have they never made mention of it before, why do they never visit the place, and why do they and all their family live within twenty miles of the south Kent coast?
I checked emails; other than adverts about jobs in which I wasn’t interested there was nothing so I set off to work.

I didn’t have to scrape ice off of the car today; that made me think. I always say the first day of winter is the first day I have to scrape ice from the car’s windscreen at the end of the year. But using that as a measure, when does winter end?
As I drove the pundits on the radio were discussing the latest revelation that end-of-life care is something of a postcode lottery. Surely this isn’t news. Surely everyone realises this? All the time hospices are funded largely by public donations how can it be otherwise? I’m sure people who fundraise for hospices have the best of intentions, but no government of any party is every going to fund anything properly all the time volunteers are going to raise the money for them.

Stopping only briefly at Aldi I got to work and did my bit. I’d like to be able to do more of a bit; learning new ways is a slow process. And with my bit done I came home. As I got home "er indoors TM" was walking up the road with the dogs. I joined them for a walk.
Once walked the dogs then wreaked havoc whilst "er indoors TM" went round to the scout hut. She is still the scout group’s secretary and they were having a meeting. I toyed with the idea of going round to meet old friends, but I know what the scout association is like; give them an inch and they really do take a mile. If I go round to say hello I will be emotionally blackmailed to get involved again. I’ve already got enough on my plate; I don’t have the patience for scouts any more.

"er indoors TM" came home via the chip shop and we watched the first episode of the new series of “Benidorm”. Good stuff…

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