30 March 2017 (Thursday) - A Day Off

The alarm woke me at 5am this morning. A day’s leave, so I am again up and about at silly o’clock. I scoffed some toast, had a quick look on-line and set off to collect "My Boy TM". I’d loaded up the car last night to save a little time but I was still not as prompt as I’d have liked to have been.

We were at McDonalds shortly before 6am. McBreakfast isn’t as filling as a full English, but there is nowhere else open at 6am where we can get fed. Once brekkied we set off to Biddenden. Rather than going to our usual haunt, we thought we’d fish somewhere else. We’d heard good things about Cackle Hill fishery and it only took half an hour to get there. We parked up shortly before 7am, exchanged pleasantries with the owner, and made our way to the lake.
Oh dear…
It was very pretty. Very scenic. And absolutely overflowing with trees to catch with fishing rods. And it was not that much bigger than some ornamental ponds I’ve seen. But we set up and had a go. After five minutes I was wondering if we’d made the right decision in going to the place. After an hour and a half I’d had six tiddlers. For the non-piscatorial of my readers, six tiddlers in ninety minutes is what we anglers call “crap”. "My Boy TM" jokingly suggested we pack up and go to Shirkoak (where we usually fish). I jokingly said I’d thought about that over an hour previously.
We were in the car and on the road before 9am.

We got to the lake at Shirkoak with something of a sense of coming home. We found somewhere to fish, set up, and had fish within minutes. My second fish was a carp of about four pounds caught whilst I was trying for tiddlers. Within half an hour I’d lost count of how many I’d had.
The fishing did slow down; especially for me. But as my cousin once told me if you aren’t catching fish try something different. So as the day went on we changed baits and tactics with varying success. By the end of the day "My Boy TM" had caught far more than I had. It wasn’t the busiest day we’ve had at Shirkoak, but it was still a good way to spend a sunny day.
I took some photos (as I do), but still life rarely does justice to photos, so we made a little movie too.

We came home just as the sun was starting to go down; I came home to an empty house. "er indoors TM" had taken the dogs to the park with "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" . So having had a rather early start followed by a day in the sunshine I dozen on the sofa until she came home.
A rather good bit of dinner, an episode of “Benidorm” and I think I shall have an early night. I’ve had a busy day, I’ve caught the sun, and I’ve got another early start tomorrow…

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