24 March 2017 (Friday) - A Game of Cards

Once I’d scoffed my brekkie and watched “BattleStar Galactica” I sparked up my lap-top and had a look at the Internet. Since the terror attack in London two days ago loads of people have added a union flag to their Facebook profile pictures because of the attack. I can’t work out why. The bloke who carried out the attack was British. His name was Adrian. Why the patriotism?
With nothing actually of note on Facebook I had a look in my inbox. There were no emails that weren’t spam, so with not much else going on at home I set off to work.

As I drove to work the radio made my piss boil. On the one hand apparently thirty per cent of all UK jobs will be taken over by robots over the next ten years. On the other hand loads of money is to be allocated for schools to deal with troublesome pupils.
Now does it *really* take a genius to see that the children messing about at school will be those who end up unfit for anything other than the dead-end jobs which are ripe to be taken over by robots? Surely the answer to both problems is clear. *Don’t* spend a fortune pandering to the brats. Equip each head teacher with a cane, and have them thrash the first brat to present with “challenging behaviour”. Having thrashed one brat, there won’t be another playing up for some time. I’ve seen it myself. The headmaster of my school had a cane and he used it. Occasionally. One brat would have a sore arse for a day and a thousand children behaved themselves for over a year.
And to those who disagree I will say that it has been my experience that those who disagree with corporal punishment for children fall into two categories; those with no experience of children, and those with the most ill-behaved brats imaginable.

I filled the car with petrol, and got to work rather early. I thought I might have another early morning geo-session. There are a few caches within a few hundred yards of work. One was clearly missing; I found the obvious hide and the remains of the camouflage. Another had been trashed; I repaired it as best I could. And a third was nowhere to be seen.
I gave up and went into work.

Whilst having a cuppa over a tea break I got some bad news. A family member had croaked. Admittedly a rather distant family member; "er indoors TM"’s cousin’s ex-husband. I’d not seen him for some years, but I had always found him to be a very likeable chap. From what I can work out he just dropped dead. He was only my age. Let’s hope I don’t follow suit.

And walking of following suit I had a game of cards this evening. Time was cards was a weekly event.  I do like a game of poker. I really should play it more often; even if I am rubbish at it…

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