21 March 2017 (Tuesday) - ChromeCast Games

I slept reasonably well, but was still wide awake long before I needed to be. Ove brekkie I watched an episode of “BattleStar Galactica” – there are a lot of episodes of that; it should keep me occupied for a few weeks.
As I watched telly I combed my dog. He rarely wants to be a lap-dog these days so when he does I make the most of it. And he likes being combed. By the time the episode I was watching had finished Fudge was fast asleep so I settled him on the sofa next to me, and as he snored I had a look on-line.
With nothing of note happening on Facebook I checked my emails. I had the offer of a job in Inverness. Some time ago I signed up to an agency which guaranteed they could find me work. I have to admit they have had no shortage of job offers. However they’ve never had any practical ones.
It occurred to me that it is now three weeks since I ordered my new fishing licence and it hasn’t arrived yet, so I emailed the environment agency to see where it has got to. I wonder if they will reply.

I set off to work on a surprisingly cold morning. As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the importance of teaching children how to use the Internet, and about how it works. I’ve been saying for years that the inability to use a computer is akin to being unable to read or write and it finally sees that officialdom agrees with me.
There was also talk about how the Labour party is in disarray again. Why is it that the Labour party attracts the nutters and the loonies whilst self-serving greed never seems to do so?

I stopped about half a mile before I got to work for geo-reasons; there is a geocache along Hermitage Lane. Put out by a Polish chap the cache is called “Stempel by Fence”; I think the word “stempel” is Polish for “heap of rubbish”. I followed my GPS into some hedges and just where the GPS said the cache was hidden was the biggest pile of broken toys and litter you ever did see. The bottom half of a sandwich box was off to one side, the lid a few feet away, and a geocaching log laying in between. I put it back together again and when I got home I went to log a “Needs Maintenance” but decided against it. After all, I’ve already fixed it.

We took the dogs round the block. As we walked some passing small children jumped back from the puppy. One pointed at Fudge and said “Blue collar – doesn’t bite”. Well, he was right about the not biting.
"er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good bit of scoff and we set off to Folkestone. A couple of rather good beers and an evening playing some rather odd ChromeCast games.
Can’t be bad…

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