17 March 2017 (Friday) - Getting Jiggy

Normally I have no trouble dropping off to sleep but last night was an exception. Our new neighbours were “getting jiggy” and they are what I could only describe as “screamers”. Their excitement was rather off-putting, and not conducive to getting a bit of kip.

I had hot cross buns for brekkie. The packet said “best before 13 March” but they seemed fine to me. As I scoffed them I watched the last episode of “You Rang M’Lord”. I wonder what I shall watch next week in the mornings.
With a few minutes spare I tried to check if the solutions to the geo-puzzles I obtained last night were correct, but the checker website was still down. I say “down”; I’m not entirely convinced that the McAfee antivirus isn’t blocking it.
There was little happening on Facebook, so I had a look at my emails. Apart from the usual pile of spam and a notification about "er indoors TM" road tax (that I pay) there was nothing of note there, so I set off to work in another of my new sexy shirts.

As I drove t work the pundits on the radio were talking about the diminishing stocks of haddock in British waters. Apparently it is no longer sustainable as a food source. They wheeled on an expert on haddock to talk on the matter. I wish they hadn’t; the woman they interviewed was probably the most boring person I’ve ever heard on Radio Four, and that is up against some pretty serious competition.
There was also more talk about how the Scottish Nationalsts want another independence referendum and how the Prime Minister won’t allow one for some years. This is a squabble that will run and run.

I got some petrol and had another busy day at work; and another day during which not a single person realised I had a sexy shirt on. Sometimes these things need to be pointed out.
I came home and filled in the holes around the garden fence post we fixed a few weeks ago whilst "er indoors TM" took the wolf pack for a walk.

With dogs walked we had fish and chips… really should have an early night – got a big day tomorrow. Let’s hope the neighbours have got a headache.

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