9 March 2017 (Thursday) - Another Dull Day

Again I woke at 4am, and lay awake for over an hour before finally giving up and getting up to watch the telly. “You Rang M’Lord” gave way to the end of “Brideshead Revisited”; both are shows I’ve seen so many times, but still keep me amused.
As I watched telly Fudge snored in his basket. He wasn’t himself last night, he only had a few bites of his dinner, and wasn’t really that keen on any cheese. He seems to be down more and more these days. I alternated between the sofa and his basket; getting more and more worried about him.
(He later pooped out a two-inch lump of rubber from the supposedly indestructible toy he ate at the weekend, and was then as right as rain)

With nothing having happened on Facebook overnight and with no emails worthy of not being deleted unread, I set off to work. As I drove off, Radio Four was playing its two-minute sport item. Every morning at about half past seven Radio Four has an item about sports news, It lasts for two minutes, and as it plays so my piss boils. If there is one thing more tedious than watching sport it is listening to those who’ve never got of their arses in their lives to play any sports pontificating on the matter.
The pundits then turned their attention to yesterday’s budget. There is a lot of anger about the increase in National Insurance payments required from the self-employed. On the one hand why shouldn’t they pay the same as I pay? On the other hand shouldn’t they get some sort of break for trying to make their own way? I don’t know, but I do know that politics was much simpler when the various political parties stuck to their core values. When you had naked greed on one side, well-meaning incompetence on the other and woolly-minded dithering in between, everyone knew where they stood.

I got to work where I had a rather good day. I was again entrusted to performing haematinic assays. Today was my fourth attempt, and bearing in mind that on two of the previous three attempts I’ve had the engineer out to repair the equipment I think things are now looking up.

With work done I came home. I got back to Ashford in daylight; I liked that. We walked the dogs round the block.
We had a message from "My Boy TM" – the deposit has been paid for our holiday in the sun later in the year. I’m going to Kos.
I wonder where it is…

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