22 March 2017 (Wednesday) - Bit Dull

I read the Facebook with something of a sense of vindication this morning. There were several posts about how half of the junior doctors at the Kent and Canterbury hospital are to be relocated to other hospitals in that trust due to shortcomings in the availability of senior staff to oversee them. Implicit in the news was the fact that various members of the support staff would also be relocated. Perhaps I was right to move away from that place; perhaps it is only a matter of time until it closes.
But what amazed me most was how various people who work there (including rather senior managers) were posting all sorts of comments about the matter on Facebook. I once posted a selfie during the night shift with the caption “rather tired” and received a formal disciplinary warning for bringing the place in to disrepute. Perhaps I might have grounds for a constructive dismissal?
Yesterday I chased up my fishing licence. This morning I had an email saying they haven’t been posted out yet. And with nothing else of note on the Internet I set off to work rather earlier than I might have done.

It was a rather cold morning, but I’d seen that if I took the A20 to work (rather than the M20) I could stop on the way and hunt out six geocaches. So I did.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about how Princess Anne has said that she feels that genetically modified crops are a good thing. Of course they are. The only people who thing they aren’t are idiots and people who don’t know what a genetically modified crop is. How do any of the crops our farmers grow today compare with their original form. Carrots never used to be orange.

I got to work and did my bit. I came home to an empty house. I had been expecting to go to an astro club committee meeting this evening; but events conspired against it. A shame really as "er indoors TM" and I had both planned the evening with my being at that meeting in mind.
Oh well…

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