28 February 2017 (Tuesday) - This n That

I slept well; over brekkie I watched the second episode of SS-GB; a “what-if” fantasy about what might have happened if Germany had won the Battle of Britain. It is quite a good show so far; I hope it keeps up this standard.
In a novel break with tradition both dogs were up and about as I watched morning telly. I chivvied them into a cold garden to do what dogs do; for all that the puppy is getting better she is not averse to peeing on the carpet when the mood takes her.

Once tiddled, both dogs ran upstairs to sleep on top of "er indoors TM" whilst I had my morning’s sweep of the Internet. I had a friend request on Facebook from someone I should really have added months ago. I also found I’d been de-friended by someone I was intending to de-friend. And I had emails offering me compensation for flight delays I’ve never had.

I scraped the ice from my car’s windscreen and set off to work with the car’s heater doing its thing. As I drove the pundits were discussing Sir John Major’s recent speech in which he seemed to be having a grumble about Brexit. I can’t help but feel the chap had a point. At the time I was against it; I had heard all sorts of reasons to vote against Brexit, and not a single (verified) reason to vote for it. Today the New European website poses forty-eight questions that still remain unanswered about the matter. For example, far from getting back three hundred and fifty five million pounds each week from the EU, the UK will have to shell out far more.
But after all is said and done the decision has been made. Sir John really should shut his rattle as I have mine. For better or worse, interesting times lay ahead,

I ws surprised to find I made good time to work; just before I left I’d seen a message on Facebook saying the A249 was at a standstill. I don’t know why that was; the M20 was moving fine. Similarly on the way home the motorway signs were saying that the journey time to Ashford was half an hour and it only took fifteen minutes.

After a quick bit of scoff we went out to the Tuesday gathering. Chippy had moved house and we went to have a look-see. A rather nice house, and a rather nice lady friend too. Over a pint (or two) of rather good beer we cheered on the first ever episode of Blake’s Seven.
A rather good evening…

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