28 March 2017 (Tuesday) - More Stuff

I slept well; it is amazing how when the puppy sleeps well so does everyone else. Over brekkie I watched “BattleStar Galactica” whilst my dog snored. I then had a little look at the Internet (to see if it was still there).
I had to chuckle at a thread on a Facebook group I follow. There is a group on there dedicated to the band “Sparks”. One chap yesterday made a posting that he didn’t like the merchandise that was sold by the official Sparks site; he didn’t like the designs and thought it was too expensive so he’d made a whole load of stuff he was selling cheaper. Needless to say, he got a veritable shitstorm of abuse for his blatant bootlegging but at the end of it all this chap honestly thought he was the innocent party. The poor simpleton couldn’t understand what he was doing wrong.
With no emails for note I set off to work… once I remembered where I’d parked my car last night.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about the escalating costs of decommissioning Britain’s now-defunct nuclear power stations. The government has paid out a hundred million pounds in an out-of-court settlement to firms who were supposed to have been awarded contracts to sort out the disused power stations. It transpires that Britain’s nuclear power stations were built without a thought for how they might be disassembled after they’d come to the end of their lives and the costs of getting rid of them will run to tens of billions of pounds.
When I was a lad we were told that nuclear power was cheap power.

I stopped off at Aldi on the way to work. They had rather good shirts in my size which were going cheap. I got one, and also some stuff for unblocking the drains then went in to work.
There was a shock in store for us. One of my colleagues hadn’t turned up for a few days. He’d gone home sick at the end of last week and there was a vague feeling he was still off sick. It turned out he’d gone home and dropped dead. He was only twenty-three.
Makes you think, doesn’t it?

I came home and we walked the dogs round the block then after a rather good bit of scoff went to the Tuesday gathering; this time down the end of Hythe Road. Together we watched a rather good episode of “Blake’s Seven” in which the spaceship was flown using the very same controls which had featured on Moonbase in “UFO”.

I’ve updated the software on my mobile phone. I hate it. Is there a rollback option?

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