12 March 2017 (Sunday) - It Didn't Rain...

I didn’t get out of bed until after 9am today. And it hurt to get up; I really ached. Over the last year I’d been doing at least two serious walks every week.  What with hospital visits to London and wet Sundays and fixing fences and trips to Eastbourne and family meals it is a month since our last decent walk. I’ve rather got out of the habit of walking and it told on me this morning.
I was rather dismayed when I looked out the window to a bright spring day. The forecast had been for heavy rain; I’d not planned anything for today and felt rather cheated. I switched on my lap-top and had a look-see on-line. A new series of geocaches had gone live not fifteen miles away. However they were all puzzle ones so I spend a few minutes solving puzzles. Some were hard; some not so. However I’ve recently done a serious favour to the chap who’d set the puzzles so if I can’t get my head round the trickier ones I shall smile sweetly in his general direction.
As I puzzled my little dog sat with me. He rarely sits with anyone these days; I make the most of his soppy moods when he has them.

I hung some washing on the line, we got the leads onto the dogs and drove out to the Warren where we met "My Boy TM", Cheryl and Rolo. We had a rather good dog walk; we went round the warren and round to Eureka lakes where the dogs wreaked mayhem on two small boy who were fishing. As we were passing we did a spot of maintenance on one of "er indoors TM"’s geocaches. With five people having failed to find it, the geo-feds had issued a “sort it out” notice. We set the first fruit of our loin hunting. He found it in less than thirty seconds and he don’t do hunting Tupperware.
Pausing only briefly to play on rope swings we walked round past the lake where normal people were obviously trying to photograph something in the water. We had a look; there were loads of toads. It was a shame that the dogs had to look too. If they could have just looked, all would have been fine. But they didn’t just look; they had to spuddle chest deep in the stagnant mud.

We came home for dog bath time. And with dogs disinfected we had a cuppa, and I solved a few more geo-puzzles before going out. We again met "My Boy TM" and Cheryl and we went up to the Kennington Carvery for lunch. I can thoroughly recommend the Kennington Carvery; they do all you can eat roast dinners for only a tenner. We all had massive plates of food, and went back for seconds too.
Whilst there I met an old mucker; we bandied a few insults. It was good to see Paul.
We decided against having pudding there; instead we drove to McDonalds for McFlurries.

We came home, and spent quite some time feeling bloated. The trouble with an all you can eat menu is that I don’t stop eating. As I sat feeling stuffed my phone rang. It was my dad – mum had just come home. I was glad she was home. I was also glad we’d spent the day with "My Boy TM". We were going to be at something of a loose end today, and if "My Boy TM" hadn’t suggested today’s antics I had planned to get the train to London at 2pm to be at Guy’s Hospital for the afternoon/evening visiting. I would have arrived just as she was leaving.

The bloated feeling lasted most of the evening…

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