13 March 2017 (Monday) - Wowcher

Another good night’s sleep, and although the puppy was on the bed she didn’t fidget all night as she so often does.
I got up and watched an old episode of “Dad’s Army” which was entertaining (if totally predictable) before having a look-see on-line. Little had changed overnight on Facebook, but I did wonder about one posting I read there. A friend of a friend was asking for people to pray for a relative who was ill. I don’t understand this at all. They ask for their God to cure someone, but don’t seem to wonder why their God would have allowed the illness in the first place. As luck would have it the relative rallied today, and this person was then all over Facebook thanking everyone for their prayers.
Personally I suspect the patient would have got better anyway but I’m inclined to try a little experiment here… if my loyal readers could pray to the Almighty asking if I could “have a go on” her from the Wowcher advert we might prove a point one way or another.
And with no emails of note I set off to work.

It was a bright morning as I set off to work. As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing one of the leading lights of the Scottish Nationalist Party. This chap gave all sorts of reasons why his party wanted to leave the United Kingdom, and then gave *exactly* the same reasons for wanting to remain part of the European Union. A little later in the day the leader of the Scottish Nationalists declared they want to hold another independence referendum. She’s scored something of an own goal in that the Prime Minister gets to decide when such a referendum will take place, and it won’t happen before we leave the EU.

I got to work an hour early; a teaching session had been lined up and several of us spent a valuable while scrutinising sickle cells and malarial parasites before getting on with a rather busy day’s work.
As the day wore on "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" phoned. Following a ding-dong with tele-sales she’s changed her mobile phone number.

I came home to an empty house; "er indoors TM" had taken the dogs for a walk. So whilst they were out I ran round with the hoover (neither dog likes the thing) and having emptied it I wasted twenty minutes trying to wrestle the thing back together again. Emptying the hoover is easy; re-assembling not so.

We scoffed a rather good bit of tea, and "er indoors TM" set off to her bowling league. I settled down in front of the telly to watch the sort of stuff she don’t like. The fourth episode of “SS-GB” was rather good, and I did like the second episode of “Mutiny”. Starring the chap who was in the documentary about SAS training, a group of nine people are following the route Captain Bligh sailed having been set adrift after the mutiny on HMAV (not HMS!) Bounty.
The third episode is broadcast tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to it…

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