2 March 2017 (Thursday) - World Book Day

Another rather restless night. Despite the puppy not disturbing me, I didn’t really sleep well, and gave up trying to sleep just before 5am. I watched an episode of “You Rang M’Lord” then sparked up my lap-top. Facebook told me that today is World Book Day. I googled “World Book Day” and rather than getting any literary search results I got a whole load of costume ideas for kids to dress up. What is that all about?
A little research has shown me that World Book Day isn’t an educational thing, it is a day of dressing up for the school kids. Mumsnet have created a web page which lists characters in children’s books that wear everyday clothes so mums won’t have to spend out on expensive costumes.
Why dress up at all? What’s wrong with reading a book? Take a look at that mumsnet web page – how many kids will be at school today wearing football kit or pyjamas claiming to be dressed as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother or Willy the Wizard, but having never read the books? (And having no intention of reading the book either?)
To quote one chap’s posting on Facebook “F… world book day , when it costs you 60 quid for costumes for school , another day that's costs, utter b…s

I had a couple of emails – suggestions that I apply for jobs in Essex. As the crow flies, Southend isn’t *that* far away. Linkedin was trying to get me to support ObamaCare (why?) And Amazon were again trying to sell me stuff which was of no interest to me.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were talking about the latest Brexit bombshell. The government’s plans have been scuppered by the House of Lords; the government doesn’t plan to guarantee the future of EU residents who have lived in the UK for years. This sucks; good friends of mine who have lived in the UK for over twenty years look to be ordered back overseas.

I got to work, had a rather busy day, and with work done I then spent forty five minutes queueing to get out of the hospital car park; the traffic was that busy.
Once I gone home my dad rang. Him and mum are at Guy’s hospital; she was due to have half a lung removed this morning. The surgery went well; the criteria for judging this was that mum didn’t have a stroke or a heart attack during the process…

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