6 March 2017 (Monday) - Waste of Money

I slept well, the night was only marred by my waking far too early (as I do). Over brekkie I watched the third episode of SS-GB. I think I will need to get the DVD of the series when it comes out as the plot is getting rather convoluted.
As I watched it Fudge sat with me and I combed him. He seemed to like that. And the puppy seemed none the worse after having devoured an enormous lump of chew yesterday.

Facebook was rather quiet this morning; I’m seriously considering leaving the Jack Russell pages on Facebook. Once they were a source of fun and amusement, but more and more there is just posting from people whose dogs are dying. Life can be quite depressing enough without this negativity.
The morning’s haul of emails also had very little of note. The only one worthy of mention was from aminahahmed8@hotmail.com who had seen my profile (?) and would be very happy to be my good friend (!). I wonder exactly what sort of scam she had in mind. Whatever it was, I wasn’t having any of it.

I’ve decided to give up with this #walk1000miles thingy. To be on target to have walked one thousand miles in this year I should really now be at about one hundred and seventy miles and when I deleted the counter I was at seventy. Realistically I suspect I was probably on target, but having to manually update my score meant that I was always forgetting to do so. And its Facebook group attracted some rather odd types too. I think I’m better off out of it.

As I set off to work the pundits on the radio were interviewing some expert on counter-terrorism measures. The chap felt the best protection against terror attacks was vigilance on the part of the public. Apparently several attacks have been prevented by the public having overheard plots and having reported them. I found myself wondering about my looney next door neighbour. A few years ago he was ranting about how wonderful he felt Al-Qaeda was. He wouldn’t hear a word against them. I’ve not seen him for some months. I wonder if he just might be up to something. He *really* is mad enough.

I made good time to work, and once in the car park I emptied various odds and ends from my car’s glove compartment and put them into my new locker. I did my bit at work and came home. As I came home I narrowly missed being run off the road by a van of Crawley Insulations. As I have said before, driving like a twit is counterproductive when doing so in a clearly labelled works van.

Once home I phoned my dad; mum is *much* improved, and will be home in a few days. And with "er indoors TM" off bowling I gave Fudge the toy I’d bought for him yesterday. I’d spent good money getting a tough, hard-wearing toy for him.
He had the stuffing out within five minutes…

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