27 March 2017 (Monday) - Stuff

I did the monthly accounts last night. They could be an awful lot worse, but by this stage of my life I rather hoped that they would have been an awful lot better. Still, what is money for, if not to squander foolishly. What with card games and excellent walks and vomiting puppies and gigs and seeing mum and bowling and curry I’ve had a very good weekend. Far better than many people have had.
It’s just that I want more. It’s human nature, and the root of all of our problems.

What with the clocks having gone forward yesterday it was still dark when I got up this morning. As the rest of the family snored I watched an episode of “Battlestar Galactica” then sparked up my lap-top. I got a little bit cross with a post I read on one of the Jack Russell Facebook groups I follow. Basically someone was complaining about having to pay vet bills on a dog which subsequently died. Is it so unreasonable for a vet to charge for the work he’s done?
I had an email from Pinky of Nanchang Clothing Ltd. She was boasting that she had her own factory and had established long-term cooperative relations with the Disney corporation and with Warner Brothers, and was applying for cooperative relations with Walmart. Did I want to deal with her?
Not really. I’ve had more attractive offers recently.

I drove to work through a rather foggy morning. As I drove I couldn’t believe the Luddite who was talking out of her arse on the radio. Leaving aside the fact that it now seems that last week’s atrocity on London wasn’t so much a terrorist attack as the work of a lone looney, there are now calls (from the likes of this idiot) to shut down the Internet. Because the fellow who mowed down innocents last week had used WhatsApp in the hours before the attack, the woman talking out of her arse seemed to think that the use of WhatsApp and similar Internet-based methods of communication were helping terrorists. Her argument was shot down in flames when the chap that had been brought in to talk sense pointed out that terrorists used letters before the Internet had been invented, and no one ever closed the Post Office down. It was suggested that the Internet might be more closely monitored (in much the same way that MI5 operatives used to steam letters open). Personally I can’t see much of a problem in monitoring the Internet; I’ve hardly got any secrets.

Narrowly avoiding being run off the road by a van from Swale Heating I got to work very early, and I had rather an educational day. We started off with a tutorial about morphology covering G-6-P-D deficiency, sickle cell disease and supravital staining and at lunchtime had a presentation on anaemias (it’s a blood thing).

With the clocks having changed it was good to come home in full daylight. Once home I had a quick egg sandwich then went off to an astro club committee. As I parked I saw a car that had been clamped. There were stickers on it saying that no road tax had been paid on that car. I’d not seen that sort of thing before. Apparently it is not uncommon in the Medway towns or in Hastings.
One lives and learns.

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