26 March 2017 (Sunday) - Mothers Day

The puppy seemed none the worse for her experience yesterday; she spent much of the night keeping me awake as she so often does.
On the other hand my dog seemed very quiet and subdued when I got up. Obviously feeling the after-effects of an eleven mile walk. He hobbled to the back door, clearly in pain when I suggested it was tiddle time. But once I opened the door for him to go out he sprinted down the garden barking at the top of his voice.

Over brekkie I spent a few minutes advertising the upcoming meeting of the astro club on various local internet forums. I did so with a feeling that I was (quite frankly) wasting my time. I don’t think hardly anyone who reads the adverts by chance would want to come to a club meeting, nor does anyone who sees the club’s stalls at village fetes. Those who come along to the club seem to either find out about the  club from friends, or hunt the club out for themselves. But if I don’t make the effort to advertise I get all sorts of grief about it.

I had a *lot* of emails this morning; some people had come down to Ashford from London specifically at have a play with my Wherigos.  They seemed to enjoy them. I really should get on with making more. Trouble is they take so long to create and now I’m no longer having three day weeks I don’t have the time.
I also saw that me and "My Boy TM" featured in a local fishing blog. That was something of a result. I thought that the first fruit of my loin had sent them the pictures they used. He thought I had. I wondered how they got them? It turns out that "My Boy TM" sent the photos in to them several months ago. Not everyone is as up to date with their blogging as me…

We settled the dogs and drove down to Hastings (via a couple of geocaches) to do the “Mother’s Day thing”. My mum, whilst still rather frail, was greatly improved on when I last saw her. Mother in law seems to be holding up well following the death of father-in-law, but she does seem to be at something of a loose end. Like all of us, she needs a hobby.

We drove back to Ashford and met "My Boy TM" and his branch of the family tree at the bowling alley, and we had a couple of games of bowling in the VIP lanes. I was rubbish; "My Boy TM" and his mother vied for first place. I think "er indoors TM" may well have won had the bowling alley staff not been plying the mothers with free prosecco.
And with bowling bowled we went back to their house where Cheryl made us a rather good bit of dinner whilst the dogs all ran riot.
As dogs do…

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