19 March 2017 (Sunday) - Rodmersham

Yesterday evening the puppy was rather subdued but it didn’t last. She spent much of the night fidgeting about all over me. She doesn’t dare disturb "er indoors TM" but has no qualms about bothering me. Fudge on the other hand just lays at the foot of the bed and doesn’t move all night long. (Fudge can do no wrong!)

Over brekkie I programmed “Hannah” for the day and had a look-see on-line. No emails of note, but I had a myriad of notifications about how people had liked the photos I’d posted of my trip to Bruges yesterday. Many people had commented too. I do like Facebook – it is the little comments that keep us all in touch.
Mind you I did get a little peeved at all the seemingly heartfelt tributes to Chuck Berry who died overnight. Who of us honestly didn’t think he died years ago?

We got ourselves organised, got the leads on the dogs and set off to Rodmersham where we met Karl, Tracey and Charlotte, and together we had a rather good walk marked out by a series of geocaches which had been published earlier in the week. The walk went through some rather pretty countryside; the orchards were scenic enough with only buds on the trees. In summer they will be beautiful. As we walked we heard the skylarks singing, we saw new-born lambs and alpacas and we found a bird box big enough for eagles.
The ground was rather dry; we were able to sit on the grass for our picnic lunch. And for all that today was rather overcast I caught the sun.

Cache-wise the walk was excellent. Mostly simple puzzles which were easily solved with some trickier ones and a couple which really stretched my abilities. The hides themselves were straightforward finds, and unlike many walks we’ve done recently the hides weren’t ridiculously far apart. We walked thirty-five caches in a little over six miles.

We ended up back where we started, and where we started was at a pub. I’d not been to The Fruiterer before. It was a rather good pub. It was a shame that he first beer was off; I say it was off. It tasted like every gone-off beer I’ve ever had before but the landlord insisted that it was supposed to taste like that. One lives and learns. I managed to drink half of it before throwing the rest onto the grass. It was only a shame that Treacle had to run underneath me just as I was throwing the beer and she ended up wearing most of it.
But the other beers weren’t too shabby.

We came home; I slept much of the way home. Once home I posted up the photos I’d taken as we’d walked. "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good dinner, and I dozed in front of the telly for the rest of the evening.
I hate that. I shall be wide awake at 4am…

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