29 March 2017 (Wednesday) - Little Bit of Politics

A few people have been posting on Facebook today about how they are sick of hearing about Brexit. I sympathise, but today will be one of those days that goes down in history as the United Kingdom formally starts the process of withdrawing from the European Union. Personally I think this is a bloody stupid thing to do. Regardless of the petty political whims of the day, we are better together in a union than apart and squabbling. Leaving the EU is a total leap into the unknown and I’ve yet to hear any reasoned arguments in favour of leaving. For all that those wanting to leave claim they don’t want to be subjected to ridiculous rules and regulations from Brussels, I’ve yet to hear any specific ones mentioned.  
I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong. But in the meantime those immigrant workers who do the jobs that the average Brit is either too lazy to do or is unqualified to do are going home in droves.

There are those who are calling for a second referendum. That would be wrong; we had a referendum. On the one hand the remain side (lead by Mr Cameron) said that leaving would be a total leap into the unknown. On the other had the leave side (lead by Boris Johnson) said the remain side’s fears were unfounded because they would be:

·         Delivering the same benefits on trade as currently enjoyed by single market membership.
·         Having new trade deals ready to be signed on the day of departure from the EU.
·         Investing savings from Brexit in public services. including increasing NHS funding by three hundred and fifty million pounds each week.
·         Having no changes to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.
·         Keeping full protection of rights currently guaranteed by membership of the EU, including on employment and the environment.
·         Having a security deal that “maintains and enhances” such cooperation with the EU.
·         Keeping the integrity of the UK protected.
·         Having a strengthening of science and research partnerships with the EU.
·         Ensuring a dramatic reduction in net migration while “keeping the UK open to the talent and skills that UK business need”.

Looks like I was worrying about nothing, doesn’t it… However the one about increasing NHS funding by three hundred and fifty million pounds each week turned out to be a total fabrication. Listening to Radio Four every morning has made it quite apparent that the trade deals are *far* from a done deal. What will happen with the Irish border is anyone’s guess. From my own experience the science and research projects are going down the pan.

It is now painfully evident that the likes of Boris Johnson not only said that black was white, they also said that shit was sugar. It is quite clear that those who voted to leave because of what they had been promised were lied to.

I wonder how it will all pan out… A second referendum would be silly and would undermine the whole concept of having a referendum in the first place. Who knows – it might not be an unmitigated disaster. It might actually turn out for the best. But if it doesn’t, perhaps those on the “leave” side who made these wild and unsubstantiated promises might be held to account for them.

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