5 March 2017 (Sunday) - Rain Stopped Play

I slept like a log last night, eventually getting up just before 8am. I opened the living room curtains and Fudge charged up to sit on the back of the sofa. For all that his back is clearly hurting him, he like sitting on the back of the sofa and watching the world go by. It keeps him amused, but it doesn’t keep him quiet. He does bark (very loudly) at the most random things.

Whilst he guarded the street I had a look-see on-line whilst I had my toast. Yesterday I whinged about my experiences with the Park Run. This morning they replied to the email I sent them. They didn’t actually say “f… off fatso” but that was clearly the gist of their message. Totally glossing over the fact that their runners go eight abreast and force everyone off the paths (whilst swearing at them) they said they felt the park was quite big enough for all. They also claimed that a dog bit one of their runners yesterday. They didn’t actually say that it was Fudge or Treacle but I don’t think they needed to. It speaks volumes that they signed their reply as “Ashford parkrun team” and didn’t put a name to their missive.

Yesterday I found a few geocaches whilst in London. Today I had messages from various cache owners thanking me for going to find their caches. What was that all about? I should be thanking them for putting them out?
I then had a look on Facebook. It seems that loads of my Facebook friends were not only in London, but in the parts of London we saw. There were check-ins at St Paul’s cathedral, the Golden Hinde and the London Eye. Such a small world.

Usually Sunday would see an early start for us, and would be spent on a rather long walk. But the forecast heavy rain had started by 8.30am, so I set the washing machine loose on grubby clothes, and I wasted a little while writing up my CPD. It doesn’t write itself, you know.
I then did the monthly accounts; I hadn’t allowed for the fact that the night work I did in Canterbury was paid a month in arrears, and so I found I’d got a nice bonus wage I wasn’t expecting this month. It wasn’t earth-shattering, but effectively it paid off the recent car service. Every little helps.

Seeing there was a break in the rain we took the dogs for a walk round the park. As we went through Bowens Field we saw that albino blackbird again. I wonder what it is.
There were a few spots of rain, but they soon passed. And with dogs walked we settled them and went for a little mission. "er indoors TM" is a leading light in a tidy-up campaign at the heath-side country corridor and we needed to organise directions for the upcoming event. As we drove, the rain hit. The first shower only lasted for five minutes, but it was torrential, and so forceful that we couldn’t hear ourselves speak as it was bashing the windscreen so hard.

With the storm passed over and directions organised we drove out to Go Outdoors in Canterbury to spend the voucher I’d got as a present when I left working at the hospital there. Boots, socks and illuminous dog collars were soon bought, and we then went on to the pet shop in Chartham to try to get some hard-wearing dog toys. Fudge manages to destroy every toy we get him; we’ve got something which the nice lady in the shop said was hard wearing, but the nice lady did say that no dog toys were indestructible. I think it’s fair to say that Fudge’s jaws have proved this.
We stopped off for McLunch on the way home. McDonalds now does table service.

Jose and Maria popped round so’s Enrique could play with the puppy. Like most children I think he was more keen on the idea of a puppy than the reality. The idea of a puppy is a lot more fluffy; the reality has a lot more claws and teeth.
I then wasted the rest of the afternoon doing ironing. I say “wasted”; the weather was against our doing anything else and it was a job which needed doing. But I’d rather have the money to pay someone to do the ironing for me.
As the afternoon wore on, the puppy swallowed half of the chew we’d bought her. She swallowed it whole. She struggled to get it down, but it went down eventually. She didn’t seem too bothered by the ordeal, but I shall watch her like a hawk for the next hour or so just in case…

Mum’s better than she was yesterday.

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