11 March 2017 (Saturday) - Ide Hill

I slept like a log, but the call of nature could not be denied so I popped to the loo at 4am. I was rather dismayed to come back to bed to find what was once my space was now filled with sleeping dogs. Going against conventional wisdom I didn’t let sleeping dogs lie; I hoiked them on top of "er indoors TM" and went back to kip.

Over brekkie I had a little look on the Internet. There were a few photos of last night’s fire-walk. I would have liked to have seen more. Maybe next time I might do the walk myself. Or maybe not.
As I smurfed the net the dogs squabbled over the wreckage of Treacle’s teddy bear. She had been playing with it so nicely until Fudge ripped it open.

We got ourselves and the dogs together and set off. As we drove, Treacle was farting like a fruitbat. Serious farting; you didn’t so much smell them as taste them. Yuk!! And soon enough we were parked underneath a bridge under the M26. Together with Karl, Tracey and Charlotte we went for a little geo-stroll. I’d done the “where’s the 35mm” series before, but it made a good walk for the dogs. And for all that I’d done the walk before I managed to make geo-finds to which I had previously been oblivious.

We then adjourned to “The Woodman”; a nearby pub where we’d been before. We were rather disappointed to find it was closed. So we pushed on into Ide Hill where we had a crafty half in the Cock Inn. They had a “house ale”. Some places have a house wine, this pub has a house ale. I was impressed.
After the second pint we thought that if we didn’t move we never would, so we moved on. We drove up the road a mile or so where we had a rather good wander about. The “Brookes” geo-series was a very good one even if it did draw blood from me at one point.

With something of a sense of deja-vu we went back to “The Woodman”. There was a dodgy five minutes when Fudge was trying to attack a random chicken. As we sat in the garden outside the pub there was a chicken wandering about in the street (as chickens generally don’t) and my dog wasn’t happy about the arrangement.
As luck would have it there were a few geo-field-puzzles within a couple of minutes of where we were drinking, so Tracey and Karl spent five minutes getting the required information, and we solved puzzles and plotted co-ordinates as we sat and drank. It didn’t take long to plan a route to go collect these geocaches, and we went for a third stroll, getting back to the cars just as it was getting dark.

I took a few photos whilst we walked. I put them on-line and realised it was far too late to go see Alan. He is over from Guernsey and there was a vague plan to meet up with him today. But plans remained vague all week, and with nothing confirmed nothing happened. Next time we’ll meet up.

The original plan for the evening had been to iron some shirts, but by the time we’d got home I couldn’t be bothered. Similarly "er indoors TM" couldn’t be bothered to boil up dinner so we scoffed KFC whilst watching this week’s episode of “Benidorm”.
I’m wondering if our all-inclusive holiday in Kos is going to be something like this show…

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