5 February 2017 (Sunday) - Hackington

Another good night’s sleep. I like those. I came downstairs to find my dog asleep in his basket. I did my morning things and had a spot of brekkie, and then perused the geo-map

A week ago I put out a new geocache near work. After a couple of days the geo-feds gave it the thumbs-down so I moved it. Last night I got a message that the place to which I’ve moved it is equally unacceptable as it is too close to another nearby puzzle cache. I spent a little while puzzling, and after getting a little hint I soon solved the puzzle. Sure enough my hide isn’t within the rules. Looking at the map it doesn’t look like there is anywhere near my new place of work that would be suitable for a new cache. Oh well..

I then spent a little while weeding out my Facebook friends list. I had 478 people on the list. Many are friends with whom I desperately want to keep in touch. Some are ex-colleagues, some are people I’ve met here and there, and some are family and friends I rarely see but with whom I want to keep in touch.
But on that list are also there are people who I added because they once (many years ago) came to the astro club, and people I met at kite festivals ten years ago, and people who added me back in a previous life when said people wanted to suck up to the boss. There are so many people about whom I get notifications about whom I find myself asking “who on Earth is that?” So I had a little weeding-out. The list is still rather long, but it is better than it once was.

I was a little dismayed to see that today was the Ashford 10K road race. Not content with making it crystal clear that we are not welcome in our own park once a week, the jogging community today effectively closed the town down. Fortunately we’d planned to be away before the road closures came into effect, and by mid-morning we’d met up with our geo-buddies and were wandering the lanes and footpaths found Hackington.
We had a rather good walk; a week ago the mud was frozen. Today it had thawed out and was rather squelchy. As we walked I saw a few rabbits, and the pheasant-shooting community were out in force from what we heard. It was only a shame that the day noticeably got colder as it wore on.
Geocache-wise it was a good walk; the paths were clearly marked, and the stretches on roads were either on incredibly quiet roads, or roads with good pavements. The hides were good even if one did fox us. Personally I felt they were rather spaced out; there were twenty two along a route which could probably have had thirty, but that’s just me.

I took a few photos as we walked; and with the route walked we retired to the Golden Lion in Broad Oak for a pint (or two). Once home we hosed the mud off of two rather grubby dogs who then both went to sleep.
As did I…

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