12 February 2017 (Sunday) - Milton Regis

I slept reasonably well now that the puppy has been banished to outside the bed. I would have slept better had my cold not returned with a vengeance; I got up shortly after 7am being unable to breathe, and spent half an hour or so coughing and snotting.
I scoffed brekkie whilst seeing that nothing much had happened on the Internet overnight, then we got ready for today’s adventure.

Today’s adventure was a walk wound Milton Regis country park where a new series of geocaches had recently gone live. We met up with a whole load of friends, and eight of us took the dogs for a rather good walk. Much of the walk was on hardstanding and on decent footpaths; for all that I wore wellies I didn’t really need them.
We had “dog episodes” as we walked. The puppy was limping at one point; we extracted two really nasty hawthorn spikes from her paw. "Furry Face TM" was limping at another point; we never did find out what that was all about. His limp came and went, and eventually went for good. (This happened to him the last time we went to Milton Regis).
Both dogs found rather stinky mud; I can’t say I was delighted to see them covered in the foul slime, but they both seemed happy. And (after all is said and done) the Sunday walk is something which is to be enjoyed.

Geocache-wise I rather liked the walk. I’d been told that the person who’d hidden the series had taken over several caches in the area and had got rid of the old ones and replaced them with new ones. I can remember going round the area a couple of years ago on a geocache-walk and at the time I rather thought we were rather randomly going from cache to cache, making up our route as we went along. Today’s walk was much more structured. I must admit there was a stretch along the main road which wasn’t as scenic as the rest of the walk, but in order to make a circular walk going up the main road was unavoidable.
There was another point at which we found ourselves presented with a locked gate. We found the way round it, and had we actually read the written instructions provided we would have seen that directions had been provided here.

After six and a half miles we found ourselves back where we started. It would have been nice to have slipped off for a pint, but we were all cold (the puppy was intermittently shivering) and the dogs were a bit whiffy. So we came home and the dogs got scrubbed. Once scrubbed "Furry Face TM" went straight to his basket and to sleep. The puppy fought sleep for a while, but she was soon enough snoring.

I took a few photos as we walked; once I’d done the ironing I posted them on-line whilst we watched “Carry On Matron”. There is always some dire film on telly on Sunday afternoons. "er indoors TM" then boiled up a rather good bit of dinner, and we scoffed it whilst watching the latest episode of “Taboo”. I think I need to watch the series from the beginning; I haven’t the faintest idea what is going on…

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