27 February 2017 (Monday) - When I Croak...

I slept well, but was still awake two hours earlier than I needed to be. I had a vague idea to watch an episode of “You Rang M’Lord” over brekkie, but the DVD player wouldn’t switch on. It does that from time to time. To get the thing to work I have to pull its plug and start the thing off again. But getting to the plug is a bit of a stretch and I couldn’t be bothered, so I watched an episode of “Dad’s Army” instead.
With some telly watched I then rebooted the DVD player and had a look-see on-line. Other than some junk emails from Volvo, not a lot of note had happened overnight.

I set off to work; the roads were really busy. As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about all sorts of stuff (as they do). Jeremy Corbyn was under fire again. He amazes me; whether he is a good leader for the Labour party or not is irrelevant. The media have clearly decided against him and have persuaded the public that he has made the Labour party unelectable. The public clearly believe this. But still he refuses to go.
The national child abuse enquiry finally got going. I got cross. I do feel for the abused children; what happened to many children over the years is terrible. But what on Earth can be achieved by interviewing a victim who is now seventy years old?

I got to work; today I was learning how my new place of work measures levels of Vitamin B12 in the blood. I used to do that with radioactive isotopes in years gone by. The technology is rather less dangerous these days, but even so I managed to get an error out of the analyser that no one had ever seen before.
The engineer arrives tomorrow.

I left work whilst it was still light this evening. I got home after dark, but I left work in the light. Once home I ran the dogs round the roads, and then told "er indoors TM" we need to revise our will. What happen if both kids croak before us? What if we all croak? Could a hereditary grandchild’s guardian make a better case for what I leave than an acquired grandchild’s guardian might? And what about my dogs? I need to leave money to over their food and vet bills.
Our current will merely makes allowances for who looks after the fruits of my loin if we croak. I can’t see "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" taking kindly to being sent to live with her auntie when I croak…

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