19 February 2017 (Sunday) - Family Dinner

I was dozing when I was awoken by a text message at 745am. Despite having cancelled them three days ago, Autoglass had confirmed that they were on their way. I phoned them back to remind them that I’d cancelled them, and during the course of the conversation the woman I spoke with contradicted everything the previous two representatives had said to me.

I pootled about on the Internet for a bit, then decided I’d lazed about enough. I took the dogs for a walk round the park. The Park Run people were there, but fortunately hadn’t started their run so we were able to get round without too much trouble. When they run, they do so six abreast and swear at everyone else daring to walk along the paths. I know they use the park on Saturdays, I didn’t realise they did on Sundays as well…

With the dogs walked we drove to Tesco’s at Park Farm, and on finding it closed we went to the Tesco by the hospital. Whilst the nice people gave my car a good valeting (as opposed to the poor one I did yesterday) we got the makings of dinner. We then went home and "er indoors TM" boiled up a rather good lunch. As she cooked so the family arrived. We had a rather good time, a really good dinner; loads of puddings, port and cheese. Then I tried to stay awake as we played cards.

All too soon the littluns had to go home the smallest ones have got school tomorrow. Jake managed to lose one of his shoes; that took some finding.

We need to do family dinner at home more often… after all nine of us ate for what it cost two of us in the Harvester in the week,

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