11 February 2017 (Saturday) - Dinner

I have made a decision. Whether "er indoors TM" likes it or not, the puppy is no longer sleeping in our bed. On it, maybe. In it, no. I finally saw red when she shoved her nose up my arse crack for the twelfth time last night.
Being wide awake I thought I might as well move my car. Parking is at a premium round our way, and yesterday evening the only place I could park was somewhere where parking isn’t allowed after 8am, so at 4am I thought I’d sort the problem. There had been a light sprinkling of snow overnight but it felt warmer in the snow at 4am than it had felt at 7.30am earlier this week.
I soon parked up and went back to bed for a couple of hours.

Over brekkie I had a look on-line. One or two people had commented about the snow; rather more were making sarcastic comments about social media becoming the Weather Channel. I felt it was rather ironic that those making snide comments were the very people who *never* have anything positive to say for themselves.
Mind you if Facebook is turning into anything, it is turning into eBay. More and more people won’t even flush the toilet without first seeing if they can sell it on Facebook.

I drove round to "Daddy’s Little Angel TM". Regular readers of this drivel may recall a Sunday in August last year when I drove the most recent fruit of my loin to Ramsgate. She paid good money for a second hand wardrobe and at the time I broke my back loading it into my car and lugging it to her flat. Today we took the fragments of that wardrobe to the tip.
If anyone else has anything they’d like me to collect from forty miles away and take to the tip…

With the tip run done I had a cuppa with "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" whilst "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" was watching some odd kids program which seemed to be about a load of hippy-tree-hugging-kung-fu elves. Kids TV ain’t what I used to be.
I then walked the dogs round the park. The snow had given way to drizzly sleet, and the paths and fields were damp and muddy, and the puppy insisted on continually jumping up at me.

We came home, "er indoors TM" then set off to take "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" to the shops and I had a look at the contents of my letter rack. This is the sort of job I used to do on mid-week rostered days off, but it will be a while before I get those again.
I had a reminder about getting the boiler serviced (dated last November)
I had reminders about my professional registration and my professional body. I needed to tell them that I now work somewhere else.
I had a letter about my tax codes. I often get those; they mean nothing to me. I also found my P45; that too meant nothing to me. And there was even a letter about claiming tax relief on the uniforms that I have to buy and launder for work. (What uniforms?)
There was the annual mortgage statement. Just under seven thousand pounds still to pay off.
Legal and General sent some rubbish. I wish they wouldn't. I have no accounts with them, and their letter just takes up space in my dustbin.
There was a reminder about next week's car service, and a money-off voucher for it. That was a result.
There was a letter about renewing the insurance on the SkyPlus box, and a similar one about the washing machine. I need to think about whether it is cheaper not to pay it and just buy a new one when the old one dies. But that's the gamble with all insurance.
There were some Christmas bargains from the Internet company which have now long since expired.
There was the house buildings and contents policy from The Policy Shop which I cancelled in favour of Hastings Direct, and there was the house buildings and contents policy from Hastings Direct.
And there was the parcel of geocache supplies which I'd ordered... which contained totally the wrong things.

I then ironed my shirts. Just as I finished ironing the last one "er indoors TM" pulled up outside and my phone beeped about a new nearby geocache. We made a minor diversion on our way to Tesco and got a cheeky First to Find. And with shopping at Tesco done we came home and got the house organised.

Kev and Jane arrived, and we had a rather good evening. We meet up so infrequently that we’d been saying we’d organise an evening for ages. We did so tonight. Really will have to do so again soon…

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