23 February 2017 (Thursday) - Not in the News

I had a rather early night last night and slept like a log. Yesterday had been rather tiring. I got up just before the alarm this morning. Over brekkie I watched an episode of “You Rang M’Lord” then had a look-see at what was going on in cyber-space.
It seemed that very little had happened on Facebook overnight; that was probably for the best. Things have been rather fraught on there over the last few days. Maybe one day I’ll elaborate on that at some point; maybe not. One of the good things about being autobiographical here is that I can dwell on the better things in my life and gloss over the rest.
I had an email from LinkedIn. Unlike their usual stuff, this one was interesting. It linked to a rather interesting article which was talking about how in this digital age employers are expecting their staff to be available (via mobile phone and internet) all day every day, and how there is now legislation in France to allow staff to have “the right to disconnect”. I can remember back when I was in a supervisory role I didn’t seem to have that right. Looking back I was effectively on duty all day every day from the summer of 1988 until the autumn of 2011. I would regularly get phone calls at all hours of the night, and be expected to go into work to solve problems at a moment’s notice. Even when I took the scouts for extended holidays in Canada I was still hounded with questions and problems from work via email.
I also had an email about a supervisor vacancy where I now work. I considered applying for maybe two minutes…
As I browsed my lap-top had a visual C++ runtime error. I wonder what that was all about?

Usually I take the entire week of my birthday off work. This year I didn’t; I’d only booked three days off. I thought it was rather cheeky asking for more only having been in the new job for a month, and I’d (rather pessimistically) thought to save a few days in case Monday’s MOT had gone badly and I needed more time off over the next few weeks for some vague unspecified car-related reasons.

As I drove to work I wondered if those on the radio would give any air-time to today being the fifty second anniversary of Stan Laurel’s death. They didn’t; neither did they make mention of the star discovered to have seven earth-like planets. Instead they wittered on about political trivia which will be forgotten by tomorrow.
I stopped off at Lidl’s for supplies, then went in to work. I had a good day, and because of various hiccups I was over an hour late getting out. But I didn’t mind. In fact I was rather pleased about it.
The bosses were very appreciative of my efforts. It is some years since I’ve felt I’ve done anything worthwhile at work…

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