17 February 2017 (Friday) - Windscreen Repairs

Last night I set the washing machine loose on my undercrackers. I got up a few minutes early this morning with a plan to sort them out only to find that "er indoors TM" had already dealt with them. That was brave of her.
Over brekkie I watched an episode of “You Rang M’Lord” before doing my morning check of the Internet. I’d had no emails of note and Facebook was equally dull so I set off to work.

It was foggy as I drove to work; as I drove the pundits on the radio were lambasting President Donald Trump again. Whilst it is still early days for him, he seems to be making something of a hash of being president. I can’t help but feel that the trick to holding any elected office is pacifying all sorts of competing factions. Mr Trump has never before held an elected office, nor has he done any military service (in which he would have to take orders). Instead he’s always been his own boss, and having had a lifetime of giving out the orders hasn’t prepared him for an office which he *can’t* effectively run as a dictatorship.

I got petrol, then went on to Sainsburys where I got doughnuts for work. In my last workplace fifteen doughnuts would have been plenty. I’m now working in a much bigger place. I bought forty; next time I’ll get fifty. But getting doughnuts was a good move; people who until now have only nodded politely are now chatting to me.

I took an extended lunch break. There was a chip in my windscreen and National Windscreens were only a couple of miles away. They fixed the chip whilst I stood and watched. I was fascinated. I’ve never seen a chip fixed before. The nice man also repaired the iffy window trim too. I can’t recommend National Windscreens highly enough. Especially as they fixed the chip when Autoglass said it was not repairable and wanted to replace the entire windscreen for several hundred pounds.
I was only ten minutes late back to work.

I was a little late out of work this evening; I wanted to make up the time. I came home and walked the dogs round the block, then advertised next week’s astro club meeting all over Facebook.
"er indoors TM" came home with a curry. That got scoffed, then I got the ironing board out. Shirts don’t iron themselves…

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