24 February 2017 (Friday) - Long Day

Storm Doris hit yesterday. After a spot of brekkie I checked the back garden for damage. We lost a couple of fence panels. I say “lost”; fell down is a more accurate description of what happened. I suppose I’d better sort it out at the weekend. The panels look fine; I just need a new upright and a way of keeping it up (ooer!)

I then had my obligatory check of the Internet before work. Edna Haviva Tse had sent me a friend request on Facebook. I don’t know her but she assures me that her sexy breast and her naked body will make me really hot! That’s something to which I can look forward…
But seriously though. This person is advertising pornographic sites. I went through the reporting process and the powers that be at Facebook said that this pornmonger was not breaching any of their rules. They ban people for using an alias but allow the promotion of pornography. There is something wrong there.

With no emails at all having turned up overnight I set off to work. As I drove the pundits on the radio were discussing the state of the Labour party. Two of their prominent MPs have resigned and there were by-elections to replace them yesterday. The Labour party held one seat (with a seriously diminished majority) and lost the other seat (which has been a safe Labour seat for over fifty years) to the Conservatives. Much as it pains me to say so, the Labour party is clearly rapidly going down the toilet and its so-called leader Mr Corbyn is pulling the flush himself. And again the fellow takes no responsibility for the state of his party.

I stopped off at Sainsburys for petrol, and went to work where I had a rather frustrating day. I was working in a part of the lab where there was a notice board with various photographs of staff parties and staff families and the like. There was a photo of one of my new colleagues with a woman who looked incredibly familiar, but I couldn’t identify her. After a few hours the chap walked past; I asked him who this woman was with whom he’d been photographed. He giggled nervously, and said he had no idea. Apparently she was some celebrity from the telly. I wonder who this celebrity was?

I had hoped to get some McScoff after work, but time was against me. I went straight to Woodchurch to find I was the first member of the astro club committee to get to the hall, but not the first person. Half a dozen people (who had never been to the club before) had turned up incredibly early. I got the keys, asked them to give me a few minutes, got set up, and then had a row with them. One silly old bat had set herself up as their ringleader and refused point-blank to pay two quid to come to the meeting. She’d lived in Woodchurch all her life and why should she pay to come to a meeting of the astronomy club when she had no interest in astronomy. She was actually looking for the meeting of the parish council in the hall next door.
This boils my piss. Every single meeting of the astro club is plagued by locals who make a grand entrance only to find they want the parish council meeting taking place next door. Surely anyone going to something as local as a parish council meeting would know where the thing is taking place?

Once we’d got rid of the parish council the astro club meeting went rather well. We had several new people, and it was standing room only when we started.
Mind you I was glad to get home. I arrived home shortly after 11pm; only sixteen hours after I left home this morning…

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