16 February 2017 (Thursday) - Cornish Aid

A very good night – the puppy didn’t march about the bed, and Fudge spent the night in his basket. Over brekkie my dog stayed in his basket, and snored quite a bit. He has seemed rather subdued these last few days; "er indoors TM" says he’s lost weight but he still looks like a little barrel to me.
I sparked up my lap-top and had the obligatory check on-line. I had an email from Ms Evelyn Adams (?) who addressed me as “My Dearest Beloved in the Lord”. She wanted to give me six million pounds because she was dying and there was “no hope for her to be a living person again”. If she was really dying I would have thought she would have been far better spending her money on medical treatment rather than randomly giving it to some stranger. I also had emails from Nuffield Health and Health Insurance First who were both offering to sell me what I get for free from the NHS.
I had a friend request on Facebook. Sarah Carla Haddix wanted to be my friend. She also wanted to “share naked with naughty boys!” My back wasn’t up to any of that nonsense so I set off to work.

As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing several angry Cornishmen. They were very forthright in their opinion that Cornwall gets very little out of the UK Government, and they cited all sorts of examples of local projects and initiative that had been funded by EU initiatives. They were rather worried that the EU funding was going to dry up after Brexit, and at that point they felt that Cornwall would be akin to a third world country.
Ironically the next article on the radio was all about how much money (in overseas aid) the UK gives to India and China. The point was made that should we be giving aid to countries that have successful space programs. Personally until such time as Cornwall launch their own moon shot I think we should be keeping the money more in-house.

Work was good; though I must admit I sulked a little. Several friends were off on a mid-week geo-walk today. A few months ago I would possibly have been in a position to have joined them. Oh well, the opportunities will come again.

I came home and walked "Furry Face TM" round the roads; "er indoors TM" had taken the baby to puppy class. We had a good walk, and came home to play “tug”. “Tug” is a game in which my dog destroys as many teddy bears as he can before "er indoors TM" catches him. "er indoors TM" came home and caught him, then went off out to craft class; leaving us all “home alone”.
I watched more episodes of “You Rang M’Lord” whilst the dogs ran riot. As dogs do.

And in closing today I’d like to say hello to my new readers. Every week this blog gets read about four hundred times (on average); over the last week that has gone up to over two thousand. That’s a lot..

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