18 February 2017 (Saturday) - Car Wash, New Collars...

I slept surprisingly well in between jumping in and out of bed to check for car parking spaces outside the house. Yesterday I’d parked on the double yellow lines round the corner in Whitfeld Road and I had to move the car before 8am. A space became free at 7.15am.
Having moved the car I set the washing machine loose on some whites then did some CPD (it’s a work thing). Continuous Professional Development is easy to do; all of us in every walk of life do it all the time. Some of us have to record it though. Recording it is also easy, but that does take a little effort. I made that effort this morning. The rules say we can record our CPD in whatever format we like; some people have reams of paper stuffed into folders. I prefer to blog. I originally started blogging CPD in a previous life when I was a training officer; I did so to demonstrate to trainees how easy it was. Over the years the thing (like this blog) has developed a life of its own; the hit counter remains dormant until I update, and when I update it goes through the roof with hits from all over the world.

I hung out the washing to dry, and took the dogs round the park. Fudge was itching to go out; Treacle didn’t seem overly fussed about going. As we walked we saw a chap fishing in the river near Bowens Field. I know a little bit about fishing; one of the best tips I could give would be not to fish over the brambles. Ideally you should go to where you can get right to the water’s edge. If this chap hooked anything he would have a terrible job getting it over the thicket behind which he was fishing. He’d also set up his rods as though he was beach-casting so he obviously had no idea what he was doing.
I speculated about pointing out the error of his ways but decided to leave him to it. He will learn from his mistakes, or he will not.

We came home, and I then spent over an hour cleaning up my car. It had gotten rather grubby inside and out over the last few weeks, and I had this (admittedly simplistic) theory that a clean car is more likely to pass its MOT on Monday morning. Also I needed to get all the dog hairs out; we can’t arrive at the funeral on Wednesday covered in dog hairs.
I actually filled a dustbin bag with all sorts of rubbish that I’d been carrying around in the car (that should improve the fuel economy) and I swept and Hoovered the inside before giving the outside a good scrub. It is a shame that it still looks like it needs cleaning. I might take it to a car wash tomorrow,
As I scrubbed I noticed that my car has euro-number plates (I’ve never really paid attention to them before). I wonder if they will have to go with Brexit?

"er indoors TM" mate arrived with new collars for the dogs, and we then cleared up two puddle of puppy tiddle. I had vaguely been hoping to help a geo-pal move stuff into storage this morning, but it was mid-day before I’d finished fiddling about. I’d intended to sort out my fishing gear today, but time had run out. We had a quick bit of cheese on toast and set off to Kings Wood where we met Tracey and the girls. Together we all walked the dogs round some rather pretty woods (finding a few geocaches as we went).
We only had a short walk, and with the walk done we then relocated to a nearby pub where the monthly geo-meet was in full swing. It is always good to meet friends; it was only a shame the pub was so hot. After an hour or so I was feeling rather ill, so we said our goodbyes. That took an age as everyone wanted to say goodbye to the puppy. Perhaps she too was feeling the heat as she was sick on the way home.

I then pretty much wasted the evening dozing in front of the telly…

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